Saturday, 5 December 2015

It's December and has been for the past five days. 
I have been enjoying some laid back vibes recently and the three tracks below are great to listen to as time passes by and we edge closer to the mayhem of Christmas.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Bird Dog : The Ocean and The Sea

I heard this track on the radio last week and had to hear it again right after. Bird Dog are based in LA but all hail from other regions of the US. This could be why they sound the way they do; an eclectic mix, touching on different styles and blending them to make some really nice songs.

As the song opens it has a gentle folk feel, but soon builds until it's awash with distorted guitar and chanting harmonies. If you love Band Of Horses then this will fit nicely into your catalogue. 

I also like this, the use of piano and I think xylophone, adds a certain warmth that resonates nicely.

Blaenavon : Miss World EP

Signed since the age of 15, Blaenavon have been honing their sound with their label Transgressive; drip feeding us releases over the years. College is now over for the lads and instead of Uni they are working on an album with Jim Abbiss, known for producing the Arctic Monkeys.

Their latest release is an EP titled 'Miss World' (below) and its a 3 track indie guitar wonder. Recorded in the Easter holidays it is a great glimpse of what their album could be like. The sound is sure of its self and has the weight you would expect from a band many years their senior.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Chastity : You're Scary Now

Below is 'Tape', a 4 track release from Canadian band Chastity. Formed in suburban Whitby their sound was created in garages and still holds that raw sound of its formation.

My favourite of the 4 is opening track "You're Scary Now". The opening 30 seconds had me checking my right headphone wire, dreading one of my cats had chewed through it. Thankfully it was a production choice. The main body of the song is a wall of nicely distorted guitars covered in beautiful melodies, hypnotic drum rhythms and all topped off with fantastic vocals from lead Brandon Williams.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Under the Parisian Sky

Last night Paris was subject to horrific acts of violence which resulted in the tragic loss of many lives. The people who died were just like you and I, ordinary people enjoying their evening, with many of the victims waiting to watch The Eagles of Death Metal.

These attacks are against us all, indiscriminate of belief, race or colour. We must not forget that the people who have carried out these attacks are the very people the millions of refugees entering Europe, are escaping from. We must be united and compassionate and direct our outrage at the group behind it and not the religion and countries they disgrace. 

Our thoughts are with Paris and all those affected, and anyone else around the world whose lives have been shaken.

Under the Parisian Sky

Beneath the Parisian sky
A song flutters away,
It was born today
In a young man's heart
Beneath the Parisian sky
Lovers walk about,
Their happiness built
Upon a tune made just for them

Beneath the Pont de Bercy
There's a seated philosopher
Two musicians and a few onlookers
And then people in the thousands
Beneath the Parisian sky
Will sing into the evening
The hymn of the people in love
With their old city

Near Notre Dame
Perhaps trouble's brewing
But in "Paname" everything gets worked out
A few rays
From the summer sky
The accordion
Of a sailor
Hope is blossoming
In the Parisian sky

Beneath the Parisian sky
A joyous river flows
That lulls the tramps
And beggars to sleep
Beneath the Parisian sky
God's birds
Come from around the world
To chat among themselves

The Parisian sky
Has its own secret
For twenty centuries it has been in love
With our Île Saint-Louis
When she smiles at him
He puts on his blue suit
When it rains over Paris
It's because he's sad
When he is jealous
Of her millions of lovers
He unleashes upon us
His roaring thunder
But the Parisian sky
Is not cruel for long
So that he may be forgiven
He offers a rainbow

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Night Beats : Sunday Mourning

Sometimes you spend hours searching for the 'right track', the track that you know you needed to hear, although you have never heard it before. Sometimes you make a few clicks and its right there in front of you.

'Sunday Mourning' by Night Beats was thankfully the latter.

This track comes from Night Beats debut album, due for release January. The Seattle 3-piece have created a timeless track that would slide effortlessly alongside some of the greats; a psychedelic vessel filled with awesome guitar riffs, mind expanding solos and lots of reverb. My favourite part of the track is the guitar that comes in at 2:59 and starts the amazing outro.
Really a band to follow closely.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Grimes : Flesh without blood & Scream

Friday 6th November will see the release of 'Art Angels', the long awaited follow up from Grimes.

Ahead of the albums release Claire has shared 'Flesh without Blood', a track drenched in pop but still retains the signature sound that we loved in her debut.

As usual, all is not as it seems. This could be seen as a move to tap into the mainstream, but in a recent interview (not with me!) Claire described her music as "Post Internet". In an age of instant downloads, streaming and YouTube, we are no longer limited to genre constraints and can take influence from all music with greater ease. This blog is a manifestation of that exact ideology, the ability to expose yourself to something new with the possibility of liking it, and taking it forward and letting it influence you.

If you remain unconvinced, Claire's second offering from 'Art Angels' is 'Scream', which features Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes. This quickly takes you back to the unusual side of Grimes, and in the obscure sound you can easily find a familiarity; although the softness of 'Visions' has been stripped out. 

Both tracks, however different, point to something exciting and worth the wait on November 6th. 

Saturday, 31 October 2015


The other week I read about Mitski, a talented New York musician. Since then I have found myself listening to her music each time I go on-line, feeding a need that consequently grows greater the more I listen.

I think it's the purity of her music that draws you in; It's uncomplicated in its presentation, with the emphasis on her stunning vocals. This results in a more detailed listening experience with no unnecessary distractions, shaped by the magnificent raw and unmolested sound.

My favourite track so far is 'Texas Reznikoff' and opens my October playlist on my YouTube account.

Diane Charlemagne : 02/02/1964 - 28/10/2015

Diane Charlemagne has passed away aged 51 following a battle with Cancer. Born in Manchester, Diane was best known for her work in the Drum and Bass scene, with her distinct vocals featuring on many tracks.

The track that will always stay with me is Urban Cookie Collective's 'The Key, The Secret'. I grew up hearing my parents play it loud through their speakers and still today it stirs up feelings of nostalgia.

Thank you for the music.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Here is some music I have been listening to and enjoying today. 

When I heard 'Till the end' by Lucy Rose as I was driving back from my dinner break at work and before even knowing who I was listening to, the sound was turned right up and the song blasting through the speakers. I love the euphoric feel that kicks out from the drum pattern in the chorus (bum bum tat, ba bum, bum tat), it has a feel of 'Pure Shores' by All Saints, which is also a euphoric gem best played loud. The presence of this awesome chorus also emphasises the head bobbing, piano graced verses. As always  with Lucy Rose, the vocals are beautiful and emotive and carry the lyrics perfectly.

LUSTS aren't a band I am familiar with, but they were playing on BBC6 when I got home and Shazam pointed me in the right direction. The band definitely fall into the recent grunge/lofi/shoegaze revival, but they do it well, really well actually. After Shazam showed the way, I went to their Youtube account to find they have a collection of songs on there, each as good as the next. I like the use of synth which softens and carries the guitar through and strengthens their sound in a big way. I have also read that their debut album is out on October 23rd, which should be worth checking out.

'Ocean Drive' by Duke Dumont is a song best played at bass thumping levels. I love this track because of the bass line that ebs through from the moment it kicks in.

My Dad phoned tonight and naturally we ended up talking music; he recommended this track. In a recent interview Kele said there's no other musicians he can really compare this track to, where as in the past they could; this is very much their own track. Listening to it I agree, I was thrown a little at first, you try to decipher the sound and find familiarity, which apart from Kele's distinctive vocals, there aren't any. This doesn't mean the track fails, if anything it means the opposite. It means that yet again, Bloc Party have returned with an exciting fresh new sound. 'The Love Within' will feature on the bands upcoming 5th album, due early 2016.

'Almost home' just feels right. Listening, my breathing slows and I submerge below the sound waves as the track washes over. I imagine its impossible to hear this track and feel nothing. A great track to end a Mixtape with.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Duke Spirit : Blue and Yellow Light

When I first heard 'Blue and Yellow Light' by The Duke Spirit I was sold instantly. My Wife was listening to the radio and (with her exceptional music taste) turned it up. It's a mix of chugging bass, ghostly guitars and haunting vocals that blend to create an atmosphere you want to be lost in. 

This is the first I have heard from The Duke Spirit but 'Blue and Yellow Light' is going on my latest playlist and while probably feature some other tracks going forward.

Blue And Yellow Light - The Duke Spirit

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Chase Huglin

The other week I decided I was going to use Instagram alongside this site. I thought at the very least it would be a good tool for sharing some of my posts and hopefully get talking to others about similar music. I know I have just outlined the concept of social media, but its surprising how fame hungry people are on there, everything is about gaining more followers regardless of the random content posted.

However, if you take the time you could find yourself on the page of someone like Chase Huglin. Chase is a singer songwriter from Fort Wayne, Indiana and he plays some really nice stripped back acoustic music. As I write this I have been listening to his latest release (April 15) called Glow. a 4 track EP. I have included it at the bottom of this post and highly recommend you take a listen. Unafraid to stray from conventional song formats, the tracks on Chases bandcamp vary in structure and length which makes for a nice listening experience.

What I've heard of his discography so far, I cant get enough of 'Anyone but Me' off the Glow EP. With just his vocals, a guitar and I think a tambourine? Chase has made a song that carries as much power and passion as say, 'Soco Amaretto Lime' did for Brand New.

I will be following, and sharing and future releases here again.

The Weekend : The Hills

Today's BBC R1 track of the day was 'The Hills' by The Weekend. Its a really cool track that has a feel of VVITCH House / Dark Wave / Dark Pop, taking all the cool features of that genre (dawn synths, low bass, screams, high keys, strong kick drum) and spins them into a track that works on the radio, in the car, the club, your office; everywhere.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Hinds & The Parrots : Double Video

Spanish bands 'Hinds' and 'The Parrots' have shared a joint video today, covering 'Davey Crockett' & 'All My Loving'. The video is basically the two bands having a good time skating, drinking, smoking and playing music; which makes for a really cool video. In the change over between The Parrots and Hinds I found myself watching a small feature film. It ended leaving me wanting to know the rest of the story; what did they do next? Where did they go? I guess the only resolution would be to continue listening to their music and enjoying each new release!

This is not the first joint venture the two Madrid bands have worked on. For the last Record Store day the two bands put out a split 7", limited to 750 copies and only available from some stores on the day. 

Monday, 21 September 2015

Swim Deep : Fueiho Boogie

From the first glimpse of Swim Deeps new material, we knew they were moving away from the surf pop, lo-fi sounds of 'Where The Heaven Are We', but there was always the question of how far?

'Fueiho Boogie' is their latest offering and at 8:10, its also their longest. Before I take too long in revealing my opinion, I love it and think its genius! It is 8:10 of new, creative, exploratory music that pushes typical genre boundaries to new and exciting areas. This track, in short, is fucking awesome.

Not long until the full album 'Mothers' is released!!

Modern Baseball : Rock Bottom Video & a FREE download

Modern Baseball have shared the video to 'Rock Bottom' from their second album release 'You're Gonna Miss It All'. The video shows Bendan Lucens spin through a montage of awkward high school scenes while performing to the song. Its a really cool video and is shot great, seemingly in one take. I love the song too, its short but perfectly formed with all the right notes and rhythms. Lyrically its a triumph over adversity "To hell with the spins I'm stayin" which I think most can relate to when genuinely recounting their highs school years.

If that wasn't good enough, Modern Baseball have also uploaded 'Revenge Of The Nameless Ranger' to their bandcamp page, and its kindly available for free download.
That's always nice. 

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Kodiak Blue : Zapusk

Kodiak Blue a.k.a Cargill Harrison, is a new act from London, and 'Zapusk' (translating to Launch) is the first glimpse of what we can expect from his debut EP Sputnik. The EP will feature six tracks, all focusing on the satellites space mission.

'Zapusk' bounces along from the start, filled with pops, snaps and whirs that take you to the launch control and up into the earth's atmosphere. Its an easy track to get into and it definitely leaves you wanting more. The EP is due for release this October, so thankfully we wont have to wait too long.

ALEXISONFIRE : "We promise to never leave you again"

Last night was the final date of the Alexisonfire reunion tour, and while on stage in Toronto, Wade MacNeil announced that the band were back for good. 

At this early stage, we don't know what this means for the future of Alexisonfire, but hopefully it means new material, tour dates and continuation of their already successful career.

I am beyond excited for what can come next.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Black Honey : Corrine

Music is big business, and as you read this there are thousands of people writing generic songs about love and heartbreak, ready to be released by the next generic boy/girl band/artist. Thankfully we also live in a world where there are people writing their own music to perform themselves. Music about their own love, friends, family, falls and triumphs.

'Corrine' by Black Honey is the latter. Penned after Izzy (from the band) was missing a friend she lost after a drunken argument, the song is a melodic grunge serenade to win her back; which thankfully worked. 

'Corrine' is released ahead of their UK tour, where you can see Black Honey at the following dates and venues:

3rd Oct : Southsea The Edge
8th Oct: Bristol Start The Bus
9th Oct : Norwich Sound & Vision Festival
10th Oct : Middlesbrough Twisterella Festival
11th Oct : Glasgow Broadcast
13th Oct :  Manchester Soup Kitchen
14th Oct : Liverpool Studio 2
15th Oct : Leeds Headrow House
17th Oct :  Dartford Bar Mondo
18th Oct :  Birmingham Sunflower Lounge
19th Oct :  Leicester Cookie
20th Oct : London Sebright Arms
5th Nov :  Brighton The Hope & Ruin

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

WAVVES : 'Way Too Much' Video

Wavves have shared the video for 'Way Too Much' from their album 'V' which will be released on 2nd October. 

Its a cool video showing wrestlers fighting, cut wit1h shots of the band performing. It works great with the songs punchy pace and unrefined sound.

See the band tour this November at the following venues:

13th : Leeds : Belgrave Music Hall 
14th : Edinburgh: Bongo Club
15th : Glasgow : Stereo
16th : Manchester : Sound Control
17th : Birmingham : Birmingham Libary
18th : London : Electric Ballroom

NME Goes Free

NME (The New Musical Express) will be free to read as of Friday the 18th September, available from selected train stations, universities and stores throughout the UK. 

Speculation surfaced earlier this year, followed by confirmation in June. The move comes after a steady decline in sales, as audiences use other platforms to find out about new bands, and at the same time can hear the music instantly.  In the last six months of 2014 NME sold just over 15,000 copies, which also included digital sales. A change was needed and this could just be it. 

From Friday around 300,000 copies will be available for free. This will give NME the reach it used to enjoy in the 60's & 70's, provided the new format is well received. Going forward the magazine will also include more articles on TV, film, fashion, gaming and politics. This is a complete overhaul.

Personally I hope the new NME will be well received and will be successful in its new journey. It has been a part of our culture as long as there has been great popular music. Pages torn from issues have lined the walls of bedrooms across the country and its articles passed between friends, waiting to read the latest on their favourite bands. It would be a shame to lose what NME has given us, our parents and our grandparents; the chance to explore music and all it has to offer.

All the best to NME, I will be collecting my copy on Friday.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Raury : Friends

While driving away for a few days by the beach I heard 'Friends' by Raury playing on the radio. 

Opening with some big drums, harmonised vocals and soft synths, it immediately sounds... niiiicccee. You get a chilled out, unified, good vibe and it instantly puts you in a good place. Given the songs subject and video narrative, this is the desired effect Raury was hoping for. It's an anthem for coming together and helping someone out, which I am all for (who isnt?).

'Friends' comes ahead of Raurys much anticipated album release.

A track I will be enjoying for a long time.

Swim Deep : Tour footage

Swim Deep have released a video showing the bands experience of playing this years Reading and Leeds Festival. Its a VHS styled affair, capturing the band on and off stage, all to the sound of 'Grand Affection', a track off their upcoming album due for release September 19th.

'Grand Affection' is a great track that has a strong Vince Clarke feel about it, which is only a good thing. The bouncy upbeat synth that flows though out the song, catches you instantly and brings you up to the even catchier chorus.

I love to see this kind of footage and its nice to see that the band are enjoying the success. 

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Day Wave

Its September and here in the UK that means we may get the odd occasional hour, day or weekend of nice weather, but on the whole summer is on its way out. But there is hope yet. If you have the summer blues then have a listen to Day Wave, close your eyes and imagine yourself on a sun soaked beach, blue skies above and the sound of waves crashing in the distance.

Day Wave aka Jackson Phillips, has been creating music for around a year now, having previously been part of Carousel beforehand. Each track is written and recorded soley by Jackson which only works to make the music more impressive and inspiring. 

Take a listen to the EP below and be sure to follow this act closely, as I can see a lot more to follow in the future.

Chvrches : Clearest Blue

As the release of their follow up album 'Every Open Eye' approaches, Chvrches have been slowly feeding us a stream of tracks to make us closely acquainted for its arrival. 

The latest track is 'Clearest Blue'. It has a lovely early Depeche Mode-esque bouncy synth that carries the song through, coming into full force and providing a growing crescendo of euphoria to the last note. 

Wolf Alice : Baby Ain't Made Of China

Wolf Alice are a force that shows no sign of stopping. Amongst the constant touring, interviews, festivals and releases, the band have managed to write and record a new track for their ever growing fan base. 

'Baby Ain't Made of China' was recorded at the Bad Robot studios of hollywood legend JJ Abrams while touring across America and will be the B-side for the upcoming vinyl release of single ' You're a Germ'. The 7 inch will be a limited run with four possible sleeves, released on October 30th.

As usual the track is gold and fits right in with the existing material. It's a sound of a band who are growing more comfortable with their success and are now able to play around and have some fun with their music.

'Baby Ain't Made of China' is avaliable to download for free.
Cos they're nice like that.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Lana Del Rey : New Song : 'Terrence Loves You'

Lana Del Rey has released 'Terrence Loves You', another track from her upcoming album 'Honeymoon'. 

 'Terrence Loves You' is a beautiful love song; longing after a famous love, connecting with them through their work and being lost without them. Its a song that could be written from personal experiences but could as easily apply from a super fans perspective. It's a love song of the purest form, and as usual it is musically as well as lyrically brilliant.

I urge you to listen to the video below. Turn your phone on silent, listen and listen again.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Wolf Alice : You're A Germ Video

Wolf Alice have released the video for 'You're A Germ'. Its a slasher crammed into 2:52 seconds, where we see the band face axe killers and zombies in an all out gore-fest! Really nice to see the band enjoying their success and taking a light approach to their work.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

New Order : 'Restless' video

New Order have released a video for their new track 'Restless'. The video tells The Legend of Excalibur with a modern spin; raves mixed with feasts and bloodshed as knights ride across meadows in white gilet's. Its medieval hedonism with lasers, which is great.

'Restless' is taken from the bands upcoming album 'Music Complete', which is be released September 25th via Mute. The album will feature Brandon Flowers, Iggy Pop and Elly Jackson. Its an awesome song that definitely creates excitement and anticipation for the album.

Monday, 17 August 2015

The Weekend : Cant Feel My Face

I spend a lot of my time in my car and 'Can't Feel My Face' by The Weekend is all over the radio stations here in the UK. The track starts off with a really nice drawn synth, simple click beat and smooth as butter vocals; this alone had me hooked. What makes the song though is the funk beat that drops in and flips it into something else. It oozes cool and vibe that makes you move, even if it is a subtle head bob while waiting in traffic.

I'm sure you've heard it anyway, but I like it and music is best shared regardless.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

CHVRCHES : New Track and Tour

As hoped, Glasgow trio Chvrches have treated us to another track from their upcoming album Every Open Eye, called 'Never Ending Circles'. The texture and feel is beautiful, filed with all the little intricacies that give them their sound.


This also comes as the band prepare for a UK tour this November. Tickets go on sale August 15th at 9am, at which point I will stop working and join the on-line queue.

The dates and venues for the tour are:

November 16th - Brighton Dome
November 17th - Bristol O2 Academy
November 19th - Manchester Albert Hall (see you there)
November 21st - Newcastle O2 Academy
November 23rd - Aberdeen Music Hall
November 24th -Dundee Fat Sam's
November 25th - Birmingham O2 Academy
November 27th - London Alexandra Palace

See you there!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

FIDLAR : UK Dates Announced

FIDLAR's new album 'Too' is due to be released on September 4th and following that the band have scheduled a UK return with 5 dates planned this November on the following dates:

10th : O2 Academy, Bristol
11th: The Ritz, Manchester
12th : The Garage, Glasgow
14th : The Forum, London
15th : Institue, Birmingham

Friday, 31 July 2015

Best Coast : California Nights

Best Coast, with their dreamy surf pop sound, have been a favourite of mine for a while now and their latest release 'California Nights'  is no exception.

Their sound still retains the surf pop feel, but it seems more elements of grunge have been worked in, which is perfect to be honest. Perhaps that's why its California Nights, when the sun is at its lowest point and we move from the beach to the night and all it brings.

Favourites of mine are the title track 'California Nights' and 'Feeling Okay'. I've included the named tracks below, but do make sure to hear the full album.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Slaves: Sockets Video Release

Below is the newly released video for 'Sockets' by Kent band Slaves. If you haven't heard these before I insist you should, their punk lo-fi sound is fantastically infections and you'll soon be hooked.

CHVRCHES: Every Open Eye

Chvrches first came on our radar a few years back and have continued to amaze us with each new release. The success of their first album 'The Bones of What You Believe' was well deserved, rating well with both mainstream and indie audiences alike. 

After what seemed like endless touring, the trio have found some time to go back to their Glasgow studio to work on their second album. Often bands choose to make their follow up in LA or similar exclusive location, and as much equipment money can buy; this extravagance comes at a cost and the process can be rushed. Instead Chvrches took 5 months, bought themselves some retro keyboards and went back to the same space their success was born. 

'Leave a trace' is the first offering and it is everything you would want and more. Most importantly Chvrches' signature synth sound is still there. The textures, hooks and beautiful lyrics that made their name have been retained and it leaves you craving more.

The release date of the album 'Every Open Eye' is September 25th, so a long couple of months off yet. Hopefully we will hear a couple more singles before hand.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Things have been a bit busy latley, but here are a few songs I am listening to at the minute (not all new). I will have some new posts up this week.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Vant : Birth Certificate

Track Of The Week

This song is great, its a cool track in its own right, but I have made this my Track Of The Week because its topical for me right now. Luckily my wife is at my side as I type this, but a friend was recently separated from his partner due to laws and customs that do not blend with the laws of love.

Thankfully the passion that comes from love is strong. It makes people utilise everything within them to ensure they can be with that one person who means more to them that anyone else. So my friends will be okay and their lives together will move past this. But for now it sucks, and it shouldn't need to. 

Oscar : Daffodil Days

Below is 'Daffodil Days' by Oscar Scheller, apt for this time of year. Its not a song that will change the world, but it sounds great in your playlist and will do for sometime. I like how it has a feel of White Lies, but with a pop edge. Its good.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Magic Gang

Act Of The Week

On Thursday I went watching Wolf Alice at the Manchester Ritz. They were amazing and I wasn't expecting any less. What I wasn't prepared for however, was a support act as good as 'The Magic Gang'.

A quick Google shows that this Brighton 4 piece have been around for some time, which explains the ease in which they perform together in front of a packed out venue. Its not only the bands interaction and cohesion that show their experience, but their music is well formed. Their beachy, weezer-esque sound is easily likeable and they provide a full spectrum from fast punky numbers, to slowed down tunes. Its easy to throw yourself around on stage and play something energetic and fast paced; your mistakes are easily forgotten. But to play something slow to a new audience shows confidence. You lay yourself bare and rather than moving to the music, an audience becomes analytical. And I did, I analysed and found I was hooked.

I'm hoping to see less support slots and more headliners for this band. They've done the right thing and worked the scene, I think they deserve some time at the top where they belong. Check out everything they do, its all good.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Wolf Alice: KEXP

Wolf Alice recently went in for a session at the legendary station KEXP. The station is well known for hosting some amazing artists so its great to see Wolf Alice getting some recognition from them. Great set from the band and an interesting watch. Looking forward to seeing these guys play in Manchester this week.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Death Cab For Cutie: Little Wanderer

Track Of The Week

'Little Wanderer' is the latest track unveiled from Death Cab For Cutie's forthcoming album 'Kintsugi'. 

The album is the first since the departure of guitarist Chris Walla and speaking about the album, Gibbard states he hopes the bands past albums will not affect the enjoyment of the new music. To be honest i'm not sure why he's said it... Maybe he feels he has to following the departure, but the sound isnt drastically differet. When you listen you still hear Death Cab, you instantly recognise the sound that has earned them a successful career.

'Little Wanderer' is a simple in form, but as always with Death Cab, its completed with great lyrics to make it a great track. After a few plays it sits at home perfectly with the bands back catalogue and setting your iPod to shuffle it wont feel out of place as often new material can. My favourite of the new tracks released so far.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mating Ritual : Hum Hum

Its Sunday, the end of the week, the day before Monday, the day before 5 days of work...
but its still weekend!!!

On that note here is 'Hum Hum', one of the latest tracks from LA's 'Mating Ritual'. If your mood has dropped and you are approaching a state of slumber, then play the track below. Immediately dropping in with a chugging pace, it hits like a syringe of adrenaline. For me its the drums, they make this track big and tell you to wake up. But then it is also the vocals, the lyrics and the guitar that drops in and out, adding emphasis where needed.

Make sure to check out the other tunes from Mating Ritual too.

Enjoy your Sunday like its Saturday.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Music for your audio needs.

Some nice music you may, or may not like. 
Hope you do, thanks for checking the page out!

Blood Sound - Acid Summer

Karl Kling - Careful

Fever Dream - Serotonin Hit
Lazyeyes - Islip

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

LVL UP - Somebody Kill Me Please

Every now and then, a group comes along and does something you weren't expecting. I wasn't expecting this.

To most 'The Wedding Singer' is just another Adam Sandler film, but its always been a big deal in my family. I think its because not only is it a really funny, insanely quotable cult classic; but it has a killer soundtrack with some amazing originals.

LVL UP have decided to cover one of those originals, 'Somebody Kill Me Please', a desperate plea from an emotionally traumatised Robbie Hart. The original is played on one guitar and follows a simple strumming pattern, but LVL UP have brought their own flavour, added some nice melodies, drums and give it a great Shoegaze feel. It is nothing short of amazing. I've played it at least 12 times today and will no doubt play it some more.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Alexisonfire set to return!

Last week Alexisonfire hinted at the possibility of a reunion and have confirmed today that they will be included in this years Reading and Leeds line up.

Great news for those attending. I wont be there myself but I am holding out for future tour dates from the band, who knows, maybe we will be lucky and they will do a few warm up dates in some small venues too.

Most of all I would like to think that this means the band has more to offer and perhaps an album or EP will be released somewhere down the line. It would be a shame for reading and leeds to be nothing more than a cash injection. Only time will tell.

Here is a few of their great tracks.

Grimes : REALiTi

Track Of The Week

REALiTi is an early gift from Grimes, sent as a thank you to the people who went to watch her on her recent tour of Asia.

The song is in an apparent 'unfinished' state having not made the album due to the ableton file being lost. How cool is that! This has made me even more eager for her next release, because if a track like this doesn't make the cut as it is, well then she must be holding back something really special.

Enjoy and repeat.

Pool Cosby - Yesterday Was Months Ago

Act Of The Week
Pool Cosby are a Brooklyn Based act who use samples and loops to create some reallllly nice tracks. 

Its easy to get lost in their music and imagine yourself rolling down the sidewalk (pavement sounds wrong in context) with the setting sun breaking through the gaps of brown stone homes. Kind of the vibe presented in 'The Wackness' staring Josh Peck. 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Black Honey - Madonna

Black Honey have a sound that is effortlessly cool. They draw you in, permeate your mind and find a spot to call home. They've found a sound that others are striving to achieve and join the ranks along side their peers such as Wolf Alice, Swim Deep and Peace, 

Here's hoping the industry decides to take them along for the ride.