Thursday, 30 July 2015

CHVRCHES: Every Open Eye

Chvrches first came on our radar a few years back and have continued to amaze us with each new release. The success of their first album 'The Bones of What You Believe' was well deserved, rating well with both mainstream and indie audiences alike. 

After what seemed like endless touring, the trio have found some time to go back to their Glasgow studio to work on their second album. Often bands choose to make their follow up in LA or similar exclusive location, and as much equipment money can buy; this extravagance comes at a cost and the process can be rushed. Instead Chvrches took 5 months, bought themselves some retro keyboards and went back to the same space their success was born. 

'Leave a trace' is the first offering and it is everything you would want and more. Most importantly Chvrches' signature synth sound is still there. The textures, hooks and beautiful lyrics that made their name have been retained and it leaves you craving more.

The release date of the album 'Every Open Eye' is September 25th, so a long couple of months off yet. Hopefully we will hear a couple more singles before hand.

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