Hello, my name is Matt and I write and run Perfect Mixtape.

The website started in 2010 after hearing some music online by Jeff Pianki. I soon wanted to hear the people he was playing shows with in Michigan and from what I could see they were unsigned, self produced and did what PR they could themselves; so, I decided to write something about them and what made me like them. Since then I have tried to write and share the music I enjoy as often as I can.

I strongly feel that music is best shared. If you know about a new band or artist then tell someone. The same goes for new venues, promoters, bloggers, music magazines or anything else music related. If we don't speak up for the music we love, it could easily be lost in our fast paced society.

I hope you enjoy the site and find something you like. Take a look though the archives as there are some great tracks there too.

Thanks for reading.