Saturday, 21 November 2015

Bird Dog : The Ocean and The Sea

I heard this track on the radio last week and had to hear it again right after. Bird Dog are based in LA but all hail from other regions of the US. This could be why they sound the way they do; an eclectic mix, touching on different styles and blending them to make some really nice songs.

As the song opens it has a gentle folk feel, but soon builds until it's awash with distorted guitar and chanting harmonies. If you love Band Of Horses then this will fit nicely into your catalogue. 

I also like this, the use of piano and I think xylophone, adds a certain warmth that resonates nicely.

Blaenavon : Miss World EP

Signed since the age of 15, Blaenavon have been honing their sound with their label Transgressive; drip feeding us releases over the years. College is now over for the lads and instead of Uni they are working on an album with Jim Abbiss, known for producing the Arctic Monkeys.

Their latest release is an EP titled 'Miss World' (below) and its a 3 track indie guitar wonder. Recorded in the Easter holidays it is a great glimpse of what their album could be like. The sound is sure of its self and has the weight you would expect from a band many years their senior.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Chastity : You're Scary Now

Below is 'Tape', a 4 track release from Canadian band Chastity. Formed in suburban Whitby their sound was created in garages and still holds that raw sound of its formation.

My favourite of the 4 is opening track "You're Scary Now". The opening 30 seconds had me checking my right headphone wire, dreading one of my cats had chewed through it. Thankfully it was a production choice. The main body of the song is a wall of nicely distorted guitars covered in beautiful melodies, hypnotic drum rhythms and all topped off with fantastic vocals from lead Brandon Williams.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Under the Parisian Sky

Last night Paris was subject to horrific acts of violence which resulted in the tragic loss of many lives. The people who died were just like you and I, ordinary people enjoying their evening, with many of the victims waiting to watch The Eagles of Death Metal.

These attacks are against us all, indiscriminate of belief, race or colour. We must not forget that the people who have carried out these attacks are the very people the millions of refugees entering Europe, are escaping from. We must be united and compassionate and direct our outrage at the group behind it and not the religion and countries they disgrace. 

Our thoughts are with Paris and all those affected, and anyone else around the world whose lives have been shaken.

Under the Parisian Sky

Beneath the Parisian sky
A song flutters away,
It was born today
In a young man's heart
Beneath the Parisian sky
Lovers walk about,
Their happiness built
Upon a tune made just for them

Beneath the Pont de Bercy
There's a seated philosopher
Two musicians and a few onlookers
And then people in the thousands
Beneath the Parisian sky
Will sing into the evening
The hymn of the people in love
With their old city

Near Notre Dame
Perhaps trouble's brewing
But in "Paname" everything gets worked out
A few rays
From the summer sky
The accordion
Of a sailor
Hope is blossoming
In the Parisian sky

Beneath the Parisian sky
A joyous river flows
That lulls the tramps
And beggars to sleep
Beneath the Parisian sky
God's birds
Come from around the world
To chat among themselves

The Parisian sky
Has its own secret
For twenty centuries it has been in love
With our Île Saint-Louis
When she smiles at him
He puts on his blue suit
When it rains over Paris
It's because he's sad
When he is jealous
Of her millions of lovers
He unleashes upon us
His roaring thunder
But the Parisian sky
Is not cruel for long
So that he may be forgiven
He offers a rainbow

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Night Beats : Sunday Mourning

Sometimes you spend hours searching for the 'right track', the track that you know you needed to hear, although you have never heard it before. Sometimes you make a few clicks and its right there in front of you.

'Sunday Mourning' by Night Beats was thankfully the latter.

This track comes from Night Beats debut album, due for release January. The Seattle 3-piece have created a timeless track that would slide effortlessly alongside some of the greats; a psychedelic vessel filled with awesome guitar riffs, mind expanding solos and lots of reverb. My favourite part of the track is the guitar that comes in at 2:59 and starts the amazing outro.
Really a band to follow closely.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Grimes : Flesh without blood & Scream

Friday 6th November will see the release of 'Art Angels', the long awaited follow up from Grimes.

Ahead of the albums release Claire has shared 'Flesh without Blood', a track drenched in pop but still retains the signature sound that we loved in her debut.

As usual, all is not as it seems. This could be seen as a move to tap into the mainstream, but in a recent interview (not with me!) Claire described her music as "Post Internet". In an age of instant downloads, streaming and YouTube, we are no longer limited to genre constraints and can take influence from all music with greater ease. This blog is a manifestation of that exact ideology, the ability to expose yourself to something new with the possibility of liking it, and taking it forward and letting it influence you.

If you remain unconvinced, Claire's second offering from 'Art Angels' is 'Scream', which features Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes. This quickly takes you back to the unusual side of Grimes, and in the obscure sound you can easily find a familiarity; although the softness of 'Visions' has been stripped out. 

Both tracks, however different, point to something exciting and worth the wait on November 6th.