Sunday, 1 November 2015

Grimes : Flesh without blood & Scream

Friday 6th November will see the release of 'Art Angels', the long awaited follow up from Grimes.

Ahead of the albums release Claire has shared 'Flesh without Blood', a track drenched in pop but still retains the signature sound that we loved in her debut.

As usual, all is not as it seems. This could be seen as a move to tap into the mainstream, but in a recent interview (not with me!) Claire described her music as "Post Internet". In an age of instant downloads, streaming and YouTube, we are no longer limited to genre constraints and can take influence from all music with greater ease. This blog is a manifestation of that exact ideology, the ability to expose yourself to something new with the possibility of liking it, and taking it forward and letting it influence you.

If you remain unconvinced, Claire's second offering from 'Art Angels' is 'Scream', which features Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes. This quickly takes you back to the unusual side of Grimes, and in the obscure sound you can easily find a familiarity; although the softness of 'Visions' has been stripped out. 

Both tracks, however different, point to something exciting and worth the wait on November 6th. 

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