Friday, 3 April 2015

Vant : Birth Certificate

Track Of The Week

This song is great, its a cool track in its own right, but I have made this my Track Of The Week because its topical for me right now. Luckily my wife is at my side as I type this, but a friend was recently separated from his partner due to laws and customs that do not blend with the laws of love.

Thankfully the passion that comes from love is strong. It makes people utilise everything within them to ensure they can be with that one person who means more to them that anyone else. So my friends will be okay and their lives together will move past this. But for now it sucks, and it shouldn't need to. 

Oscar : Daffodil Days

Below is 'Daffodil Days' by Oscar Scheller, apt for this time of year. Its not a song that will change the world, but it sounds great in your playlist and will do for sometime. I like how it has a feel of White Lies, but with a pop edge. Its good.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Magic Gang

Act Of The Week

On Thursday I went watching Wolf Alice at the Manchester Ritz. They were amazing and I wasn't expecting any less. What I wasn't prepared for however, was a support act as good as 'The Magic Gang'.

A quick Google shows that this Brighton 4 piece have been around for some time, which explains the ease in which they perform together in front of a packed out venue. Its not only the bands interaction and cohesion that show their experience, but their music is well formed. Their beachy, weezer-esque sound is easily likeable and they provide a full spectrum from fast punky numbers, to slowed down tunes. Its easy to throw yourself around on stage and play something energetic and fast paced; your mistakes are easily forgotten. But to play something slow to a new audience shows confidence. You lay yourself bare and rather than moving to the music, an audience becomes analytical. And I did, I analysed and found I was hooked.

I'm hoping to see less support slots and more headliners for this band. They've done the right thing and worked the scene, I think they deserve some time at the top where they belong. Check out everything they do, its all good.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Wolf Alice: KEXP

Wolf Alice recently went in for a session at the legendary station KEXP. The station is well known for hosting some amazing artists so its great to see Wolf Alice getting some recognition from them. Great set from the band and an interesting watch. Looking forward to seeing these guys play in Manchester this week.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Death Cab For Cutie: Little Wanderer

Track Of The Week

'Little Wanderer' is the latest track unveiled from Death Cab For Cutie's forthcoming album 'Kintsugi'. 

The album is the first since the departure of guitarist Chris Walla and speaking about the album, Gibbard states he hopes the bands past albums will not affect the enjoyment of the new music. To be honest i'm not sure why he's said it... Maybe he feels he has to following the departure, but the sound isnt drastically differet. When you listen you still hear Death Cab, you instantly recognise the sound that has earned them a successful career.

'Little Wanderer' is a simple in form, but as always with Death Cab, its completed with great lyrics to make it a great track. After a few plays it sits at home perfectly with the bands back catalogue and setting your iPod to shuffle it wont feel out of place as often new material can. My favourite of the new tracks released so far.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mating Ritual : Hum Hum

Its Sunday, the end of the week, the day before Monday, the day before 5 days of work...
but its still weekend!!!

On that note here is 'Hum Hum', one of the latest tracks from LA's 'Mating Ritual'. If your mood has dropped and you are approaching a state of slumber, then play the track below. Immediately dropping in with a chugging pace, it hits like a syringe of adrenaline. For me its the drums, they make this track big and tell you to wake up. But then it is also the vocals, the lyrics and the guitar that drops in and out, adding emphasis where needed.

Make sure to check out the other tunes from Mating Ritual too.

Enjoy your Sunday like its Saturday.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Music for your audio needs.

Some nice music you may, or may not like. 
Hope you do, thanks for checking the page out!

Blood Sound - Acid Summer

Karl Kling - Careful

Fever Dream - Serotonin Hit
Lazyeyes - Islip