Sunday, 1 March 2015

Black Honey - Madonna

Black Honey have a sound that is effortlessly cool. They draw you in, permeate your mind and find a spot to call home. They've found a sound that others are striving to achieve and join the ranks along side their peers such as Wolf Alice, Swim Deep and Peace, 

Here's hoping the industry decides to take them along for the ride.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Flight Facilities Ft. Reggie Watts "Sunshine"

When I first heard Reggi Watts I was instantly hooked. He was doing a set on Russel Howards weekly TV show and the way he performed was just amazing.

This video captures that same same something. I don't know if its the characters he throws himself into, his fantastic vocals or his (genuinely) awesome dance moves, but once again I'm instantly hooked.

On Call

Tonight my wife is out with friends and I'm sat at home waiting on taxi duty. So, I am spending my time wisely and having a listen to some good music, and then sharing it with you lovely people. Hope you like these few tracks, if not go to 'Contact' and let me know what people should be hearing.


Saturday, 25 October 2014

Montgomery: Piñata

Below is the video to 'Piñata', the second release from Australian 'Montgomery'. Its a great synth pop track with clear lyrics and a clear message. Too many artists have vague, sometimes mumbled lyrics, but not Montgomery.

I'm your piñata, Crack me open like you always do, Say you're only bringing the best out of me, But you break me, yeah, You break me, yeah

She takes the innocence of a piñata, a child's game where you break the object to take what you want, and applies it to a dysfunctional relationship, weather that be a couple, a friendship or other. I guess it comes down to the listener to choose.

The video to this wonderful single doesn't have a narrative but instead shows a selection of people, offering a brief look and grasping your intrigue to what their story may be.

'Piñata' features on Montgomery's new EP ' New Clear War' which was released yesterday through' I OH YOU'. 


YAGO is the new track from Jack Colleran, aka MMOTHS. The song builds beautifully with haunting vocals and lovely loops and then explodes with a kick. It's great track to loose yourself in.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Kid Wave: Gloom

Following their debut single, "All I Want", Kid Wave have released the video for their next track 'Gloom' which will be available from 24th November.

Gloom is a twangy indie anthem, especially the later half of the song, with the repeatable lyrics 'Some days we dance, and some days we don't" I can easily see this being a welcome addition to the 'winding down' section of indie clubs around the country.

The band are currently on tour doing some support shows and building their fan base ahead of their album release which they anticipate will be early 2015.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Johnny Stimson: Obsession

On my lunch time Internet trawl I happened across 'Obsession' by Johnny Stimson. From the start you struggle to sit still as it revives the funk that lives within us all. My favourite part is the bouncy synth bass line, it's the glue that shapes and holds together this 'smooth like butter' track.

Definitely one for the play list and a must for any gathering,