Friday, 25 June 2010

This website is awesome. I can honestly say this is an amazing idea and it seems to be working perfectly.

When stripped down to the basics it is a platform for musicians to sell and distribute their music on an international scale without actually having to do much. The service is free to use with the only charge being 15% per sale, dropping to 10% once a target is reached, which isn't too bad considering there are no other charges, costs or tie-ins. As each sale is made the money goes directly into your bank account so no waiting around for cheques every quarter etc, from day one you can be generating revenue from your music.

Not only is good for artists and labels, its also good for the fans. It is quite easy to spend a whole day browsing through the many many musicians and bands on the site, listening to their music, finding out who to add to your play list for the week. But the fact that it is a treasure chest of sounds is not the best feature, for me it is the option of being able to choose how much to pay.
Should artists want to, they can let the fans name their own price for the music they buy; some even offer it for free if you like. This again opens up the music to more people and makes the artist more accessible.

The site also comes with many more features useful to the independent artist or label including the ability to check their stats and sell physical CD's via the site.

In short this website is the tool and resource Indie artists and fans have dreamt about for decades; one that for some artists will change everything.

Band of horses; The Ritz Manchester 08.06.10

Tuesday the eighth of June, Band of horses performed at the Ritz in Manchester, and a three year wait was over.

Front man Ben Bridwell humbly takes to the stage, not even a dimming of lights, just the volume lowered and opens with 'Ode to LRC' joined by the rest of the band half way through. The band went on to play more of their older material, dropping in favourites from 'infinite arms' along the way; This was a nice touch for those of us who were unsure if we was just going to hear infinite arms track by track.
As the set progressed I was more than happy to hear favourites 'the great salt lake' and 'the funeral', as were the rest of the audience for that matter judging by the large cheers and applause that followed each song.
The band came on for an encore and finished the set nicely with 'The General Specific' which was nothing short of amazing, and a great cover of them twos 'am I a good man'

To me the concert had a genuine feel to it. It wasn’t polished over and perfect but raw and authentic, weather that was by mistake or not. I left the Ritz that night somewhat more complete, like something had been achieved.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

The sound of Michigan

Last year I was on YouTube looking for death cab for cutie covers when I came across Jeff Pianki covering 405. That night opened my ears to a wealth of unsigned talent coming from the state of Michigan.

The reason I find myself so strongly drawn to these musicians is because of their accessibility. They are writing and recording beautiful music without the bullshit that often comes with it; they are doing it because they love it and they appreciate it when we listen.

It seems they have stripped the process down to the essentials, not trying to go out and make it overnight, but to write and play music while selling a few records along the way (should people want to pay of course)

They are a credit to their own success and should be proud. I look forward to seeing more of them and hopefully they will be over here in the UK sometime in the near future.

Here are a few artists I think you should check out...

Jeff Pianki

Joe Hertler

J T Royster

Hope you enjoy, if you do google them and say hello.