Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Maximo Park: New Single & Tour Details

2014 is going to be a busy year for Maximo Park. With a new album 'Too Much Information' due for release on February 3rd, the band have confirmed the release of their single 'Leave This Island' on 24th January.
The song is at a slower pace than some of their earlier work, but non of the energy that made the band famous has been lost. Starting off with a simple drum beat and ripple of synths, the track lifts as it progresses and carries you through. In the track we clearly hear a band that knows what they're doing, without having to shout to be heard.
For the music video the band worked with artist Matt Stokes to create a short that looks at the life of a real 'Urban Hermit' living in East London. 'Leave this Island' compliments the short perfectly and becomes a soundtrack to the uncompromising promo video.
You can watch the track on the link below (hopefully will be on this site soon).

To see the band on tour you can catch them at the following dates and venues in March 2014
6th Portsmouth Pyramids
7th Bristol 02 Academy
8th Glasgow Academy
10th Liverpool 02 Academy
11th Nottingham Rock City
13th Leeds 02 Academy
14th Birmingham Institute
15th Manchester Academy
17th Norwich UEA
19th Oxford O2 Academy
20th London Forum
21st Newcastle O2 Academy
22nd Newcastle O2 Academy

Sunday, 8 December 2013

This week I heard

As my Sunday dinner digests I thought I would share a few of the songs I really like at the moment. They're all great tracks that fail to get old, no matter how much I press repeat.
Caveman - Shut You Down
The Courteeners - Are You In Love With A Notion
City And Colour - Harder Than Stone

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Lana Del Rey: Tropico

Lana Del Rey is set to release her short film 'Tropico' on December 5th via Vevo.
The 30 minute short, directed by Anthony Mandler, stars Lana Del Rey and model Shaun Ross in a "Biblical story of sin and redemption"
Lets hope its as interesting as it looks in the trailer below.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Lorde Royals: Zoo Station Remix

Driving along and a remix of 'Royals' by Lorde came over the radio. Its a great remix of what is already a great song. If you wasn't up for the weekend already, I can guarantee you will be after this.

Happy Friday people.

This track has made my week and given me a slice of hope for the future.
Happy Diving are a 4 peice band from California, signed to father/daughter records, and their track 'Sincere' is getting attention all over. It has an early 'Brand New' feel to it, which is better than good. It makes the same instant connection and adds its self to your 'list'. At just 2:38 long the track is short and sweet and leaves you wanting more.

Unable to currently hear the rest of the EP I can't say much for any of their other material. Hopefully something will be given to us soon and is as golden as their first offering.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Bombay Bicycle Club: New Song & Album

This week I heard the news that Bombay Bicycle Club are set to release a new album in 2014. The band have also revealed a new track 'Carry Me'.
'Carry Me' is a lot more electronic that previous songs, but it works well and you still feel all the elements that made previous albums great. In recent interviews the band have said that the new album has been inspired by trips to India. However it wasn't a tranquil spiritual 'awakening', but an embrace of the hectic vibrant city of Mumbai.
There is also news that the band will be touring early next year. Really looking forward as the months slip by and with them new tracks from the forthcoming release.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Chloe Howl: Paper Heart

Below is 'Paper Heart' by Chloe Howl. Aged just 18 and already signed to Columbia records, potentially good things lie ahead.

'Paper Heart' is a great pop track which has some great synth use that compliments her vocals beautifully. Its not a track you bypass, in fact you will probably have to listen to it again... and then maybe again.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Eyedress: Nature Trips

The track below is 'Nature Trips' by Eyedress.
Its a slow chilled piece with perfect synth rhythms and 'those vocals'.
Thank god for Shazam.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Gary Numan: Splinter

Lucky for me, my parents are the ultimate source of great music. Each time I visit there is a new song to hear, a band to check out, or a classic to be played and some knowledge gained.
On Sunday I was treated to Gary Numans latest offering 'Splinter'. Although going forward with his re-born techno-rock sound, Numans electro past creeps in somewhat. For that very reason my favourite track is 'Lost'. The chorus is so good; all the right chords coupled with great Numan vocals.
Not that the techno stuff isn't good, because it is, but listening to the above I can only hope for a new album in the vein of Tubeway Army / The Pleasure Principle /  Telekon. There is still time yet.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Benjamin Clementine: Cornerstone

This week I heard Benjamin Clementine for the first time and below is 'Cornerstone', the track he performed on Later with Jools. Its a song filled with sorrow and pride and acceptance. 
Its great.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Huskies: Beach

Apparently we love this shit right now. Yes we do.
This is Huskies, a Nottingham band who are making great surf/dream/alt/lo-fi [any more sub genres come out today that I need to add???] pop. I joke, but I urge you to listen. There are lots of bands out there craving to have a sound as good as this. Hopefully this band will break through like their peers Swim Deep.
For a free download and to hear some of their awesome tunes, follow this link https://soundcloud.com/huskiesmusic. Below is the video to their latest single 'Beach'.
When we look back in time we always go to the music first. With bands like this I can't wait to look back and remember these years and the beautiful music that graced our airwaves.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Nick Mulvey: Nitrous

This week I heard 'Nitrous' by Nick Mulvey. Its a great tune that steps up to bigger heights around the 2.25 mark when the song blends in Olive's 90s hit 'You're not alone'. You already love the song and then you get that moment of ''has he? is that? yes it is... and it works so well''
Its a new breed wonder with a nostalgic hit.
Lovely stuff.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Lorde: Royals

Fortunately for me I have a girlfriend with good ears and great music taste. Today she has told me to listen to 'Royals' by Lorde. At first I thought she was telling me to listen to the Finnish, costumed heavy metal band. Thankfully she wasn't.

Le Youth: Cool

The track below is 'Cool' and comes from Wes James, better known as Le Youth.

Its a great track to close the season, with its bouncy vibe that pulls (not drags) you along for the ride. Like a lazy river ride in a tropical resort, its impossible not to enjoy.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Sub Focus: Torus

Late in 2012 I read an article stating that 2013 WILL BE the year of the guitar band. Indeed we have had a lot more bands appear on our radar and in mainstream music, but this year for me and you I hope, has been the year that SYNTH returned. It has dominated our airwaves, earphones, adverts, TV shows and festivals. Like a beautiful virus it has spread  under our skin. I love it.

This month, Sub Focus will release 'Torus'. Making music since 2003, a decade of releases have helped Nick Douwma work his way to be one of the UK's top Electronic producers. His tracks are instant hits and are gratefully received by his ever growing fan base. Hopefully the release of his latest album will add a number one album under his belt. It would after all, be well deserved.

One of my favourite tracks of the year that features on the album is 'Turn it around'. The sound is huge. It's a rush to listen to. Oh and Kele from Bloc Party lends his vocals. Enough said really.

This next track is called 'Until the end'. Wow. With a synth hook that immediately reminds me of Gary Numan's 'Oh wo-ah' from 'Our Friends Electric', popping drums and rhythmic synth bass lines, this track is awesome. It adds its self without question to my favourites of the year list. Hopefully the radios will pick up on this gem and make my drives to work that bit better.
 Here is some of this great track.

The track listing of 'Torus' is as below:

1. Torus
2. Safe In Sound
3. Endorphins Feat. Alex Clare
4. Out The Blue Feat. Alice Gold
5. Twilight
6. Close Feat. MNEK
7. Turn It Around Feat. Kele
8. Out Of Reach Feat. Jayelldee
9. Falling Down Feat. Kenzie May
10. Turn Back Time
11. You Make It Better Feat. Culture Shock & TC
12. Tidal Wave Feat. Alpines
13. Until The End Feat. Foxes

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Killers: Direct Hits

This week The Killers have announced details of a greatest hits album, cleverly titled 'Direct Hits'.
As well as  tracks from the bands four albums, the compilation will also feature two new tracks called 'Shot at the night' and 'Just another girl'.
Over the years we have grown to expect great tracks from this band and 'Shot at the night' (produced by Anthony Gonzalez of M83) fulfils those expectations. It is instantly likable, blending The Killers talents of beautiful synth hooks and guitar anthems. It will sound great  being played to packed out stadiums.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Monday, 9 September 2013

Radio Wave Brain Wave

Sometimes the oldest mediums are the best resourses. Radio is one of them and thankfully the power of radio hasnt been lost as we have surged forward technologically.
Here are a couple of cool tracks I heard consecutivly on the radio yesterday.
Was a good 6/7 mins.
My Youth - Joey Bada$$
Riot - Sean Paul Ft. Damian Marley

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Be Forest - I Quit Girls

This track is incredible. Firstly I was struck by the chords; some progressions just get you in the right place and give you a feeling that's means biologically, this song is good. Secondly the vocals. The vocals are beautiful and anything I write is an understatement, so I wont.

The track is a cover of Japandroids original, which I hadn't heard until now, but is equally great. It's easy to see why Be Forest were inspired to cover the track and add their own touches. I only wish hey hadn't been as true the original when it came to the track length, I could do with another 15 minutes or so.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Holy Ghost: Okay

If you haven't heard Holy Ghost before, like I hadn't this morning, sit yourself down, plug in your headphones and turn the volume up.
'Okay' has to be one of the best synth tracks I have heard since stumbling upon Chvrches last year. It bounces in the right places, it flows and ebbs and is filled with a million audio treats. The vocals are great too and work perfectly with the music.

The track is released ahead of their album Dynamics, which is due for release September 10th.

If you cant wait for the album,  head over to their sound cloud page bellow where you can hear more of their great music.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Parks Squares & Alleys

Most days I spend a hour or so trawling, sometimes to no avail, but sometimes I land a catch like Parks Squares and Alleys that makes the effort worthwhile.

'Forest' is the latest release from Sergei Khavro from Khabarovsk, Russia. The song beautifully combines lofi guitars, whistling melodies and synth rhythms to create something great.
'Forest' follows the equally brilliant 'Youth' which was released earlier this year.

If you head over to the link below you can listen to some more amazing tracks, or up to 20 seconds of them. I can only assume (please verify in the comments if you know!) that they all form an album of some sort. I can only hope.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Tape Waves

Tape Waves, from Charleston, are creating some of the nicest surf/dream pop out there. I can't stop listening. There is a purity about it that is impossible to ignore.

You can buy their EP over at their bandcamp page

Monday, 19 August 2013

Brolin: Portland

Late last year I wrote about Brolin and his awesome tracks that were surfacing on the internet. His latest release is 'Portland', produced by Aaron Coyes.
'Portland' feels more like a song than his previous efforts. Not that the predecessors weren't good, because they were, but they felt more like 'works', or 'pieces'. This time the vocals are in the forefront and it makes a difference. Hopefully these subtle changes will bring more listeners as he continues his career.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Rainy Sunday Mixtape

Here are some tracks I have heard and liked. Thought I would share them now in case I forget to listen again and I never share my opinion.
Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

F.U.R.S: Just Kids

Monday 19th will see the release of the
 single 'Just Kids'; a great pop and roll track from London trio, F.U.R.S.
 Formed Just over a year ago the band are already receiving a good amount of radio play and have been on tour with Jonny Marr. They are currently writing their debut album which is due later this year.
For now here is the video for their latest single.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Swim Deep: Where The Heaven Are We

The other week I opened my post box to see that Swim Deeps debut album 'Where the heaven are we' had arrived. Since that day I have been digesting the album and I love it.
The album is great; from the lyrics and music to the production and mastering. The wait was worth it and it has paid off.
My favourite track is Colour Your Ways. I hadn't really heard it before and didn't remember it from seeing them live, but its just such a good song. I dare anyone to listen to it and not feel better, especially with lyrics such as "Life ain’t be beige so colour your ways and see things in the right light”. That goes for the rest of the record too; it is euphoric sun jewelled pop at its best.
Track listing as follows:
King City
Colour Your Ways
Make My Sun Shine
The Sea
Red Lips I Know
Soul Trippin
She Changes With The Weather

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Goodbye Chanel: Through Night To Paradise EP

My posts have been few and far between over the past months, and every time I come back I find my self writing a similar sentence to what you are reading now. Its annoying for me and I cant imagine what it is like to anyone reading. I think the only resolution is to not go away? Maybe. That could work.
Fortunately my Saturday morning return didn't take too much work. 'Goodbye Chanel' (Scott Johnson) is receiving much deserved attention with this debut EP. The sound is familiar enough for it to be instantly likable, but new and inventive in its own right. The production is fantastic, every sound layered perfectly with all the right measurements of all the right ingredients. It tastes perfect.
The whole EP is a delight to listen to, and I have posted it in its entirety below. My only criticism? I wanted more. But that's a good thing. Hopefully this isn't a fleeing moment and 'Goodbye Chanel' is here to stay.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

A Grave With No Name

Whilst trudging through the undergrowth of the Internet I came across A Grave With No Name.

AGWNN is Alex Shields who in the past has largely worked solo, but has collaborated with others for the release of 'Whirlpool' which is due July 1st via Stare Records. I really like this track and the way it just is. It doesn't fall into any one category of today's music tribes, which makes it stand out even more.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Too busy to listen. Too busy to write. The Tunnel is ending. I see a light.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Dan Croll: Compliment Your Soul

Below is the video for Dan Croll's Latest release 'Compliment Your Soul'. To say I like this track would be a huge understatement. I think what sets Dan apart from other artists right now is the texture of his songs; he could have stopped with guitar bass and drums, but each song is jewelled with added audio treats for the listener and each time you listen you notice another little touch here and there.

Monday, 11 March 2013

City and Colour: NEW SONG: Of Space And Time

I have Dallas Green to thank for bringing me the most wonderful girl in the world. I was working away on a container ship after college, and whilst in Canada, got talking on the Internet to a girl back home. She knew all the right bands, all the right songs. Then she asked me if I had ever listened to City and Colour. I hadn't, but quickly downloaded some tracks.
Later that night I heard 'The Girl' and knew she was the one.
Thank you Dallas Green.
This latest track is just as beautiful as the very first time I heard his wonderful music, it reaches places few songs can and it is down to his pure tallent as a singer songwriter. With the new song came the news that a new album is on its way; I cannot wait.
Love you Ellé xxx

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Wildlife: On The Heart

Today, Toronto band 'Wildlife' released their latest album 'On The Heart'.
As I sit here trying to write a serious and analytical review I am listening to the record for the 2nd time today, and to be honest my focus is on the album! It is ridiculously captivating. As each track plays it is obvious there is no filler; each song deserves to be there as much as the next and it comes down to the pure passion that the band have put into writing the album.
Described by the band as "an essay on the heart" it really transcends as you absorb each track, not just the romance and heartache, but everything that the heart does.
My personal favourite tracks are 'Born To Ruin' 'One For The Body' and 'Bonnie', but this isn't the kind of record where you will just pick out a track at a time, this one to listen to in full over and over.
Hopefully this record will get the recognition it deserves, not just back in Canada, but here in the UK and the rest of the world too. If you have can I highly recommend you add 'On The Heart' to your collection; you wont be disappointed.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Review: Swim Deep and Chvrches

To say the past month has been busy would be an understatement, however I did manage to fit a few gigs in and thankfully they were to see Swim Deep and Chvrches.
The venue for Swim Deep was Manchester's Soup Kitchen based in the Northern Quarter. Extremely bare bones, but non the less a good venue. The band were preceded by Father Sculptor and Jaws who both did great in their performances, winning over new fans and getting the audience ready for the feature act.
Having only ever heard Swim Deep on Youtube, and a little on the radio (hopefully more in time), I wasn't sure what to expect from their live performance. Too often these days a bands Internet hype and good recordings leave audiences disappointed when they fail to deliver in person. This wasn't the case for Swim Deep. The music is spot on, note for note perfect and is as (if not more) captivating live as it is recorded. Lead singer Austin Williams engages his audience right form the off and doesn't stop until he leaves the stage; he is a front man without the front, it comes naturally.
The venue for Chvrches was The Ruby Lounge in Manchester and it was unsurprisingly sold out. Even though they are yet to put out their first release, Chvrches have managed to gain a substantial following. I think the reason behind it is obvious, they create great pop music that appeals to a wide audienc; you only had to look around the room to see that the crowd doesn't fall into one particular click, with the ages that ranged from around 15 to 55.
The opener was 'Lies', one of the few songs in the public domain, and it set the room off. The sound was huge, a wave of Bass with beautiful melodies and vocals riding the crest. After 'lies' Chvrches continued to amaze with each song; the delivery was perfect.
I think the gig was a clear indication that this band are here to stay; the have proved themselves with their recordings and have now shown the can deliver live. Hopefully their releases will gain the credit they deserve and we will continue to hear their music for years to come.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Jake Bugg: Manchester Academy 14/02/13

This week I spent Valentines Day with my lovely girlfriend at the Manchester Academy, watching Jake Bugg.
I was unsure of what to expect. Having only been on the scene for what is really quite a short time, would Jake Bugg be able to transcend his sound to the full capacity of 2350 people. In short, yes he can. We walked away in awe of his undeniable talent, his songs sounding better in person than they do on the record. Highlights of the night were 'Two Fingers' 'Lightning Bolt' 'Trouble Town' and my favourite 'Seen it all'. Actually forget that, listening to his music as I write this I am reminded of how good each song actually was.
If you get the chance, make sure you go see him. You will not regret it.


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Beach Fossils Stream Album


Earlier this month I wrote about some releases from Beach Fossils.  Yesterday the band have decided to stream their new album ahead of its release on February 18th.

Streaming the album online before its even available is a confident move, and rightfully so. Listening to 'Clash The Truth' it is easy to put your headphones on and go from track one to fourteen without their being any duff moments or songs you skip. In an age where increasingly the single is king, albums like this are refreshing.
If you are a fan of bands like 'The Drums' then you should be all over this. Its a great album.
Can't wait till the 18th when I buy and listen to it all over again, and again.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


It's been nearly a week since I last posted anything, or have been on the Internet for that matter. Feels like longer though.
Anyway, here is some music I like. Hope you like it too.



 Many thanks to Fake DIY for shedding the light on these tracks.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Today, Perfect Mixtape favourites CHVRCHES, have unveiled their new single 'Recover'.
The track is everything and more that I have come to expect of this Glaswegian trio. It remains true to their synth pop sound, yet manages to be perhaps more radio friendly than their other tracks. This of course can only be a good thing as this band truly deserve all the airplay they can get, and more and more people should have the opportunity to hear their amazing sound.
I can't wait to see them perform live later this month.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Tribes: How The Other Half Live

I can't stop listening to this song! It is seriously good!!
Apologies for the lack of posts the past few days; real life got a bit busy! Plenty of gigs coming up over the coming months though, which means plenty of reviews :)
Thanks for reading and feel free to get in touch via the contact section.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

WAVVES: Afraid Of Heights

I recently featured Wavves on our 'Sunday Mix' the other week as their raw, grunge, surf sound never gets boring. This week the band have revealed (very good news) that their next release will be an album due in March and have also put out a new track 'A Demon To Lean On' which you can listen to below.
With so many great bands releasing records, these next few months are set to be awesome.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Beach Fossils

I was doing my usual search for music, looking in all the usual places, and found this gem (or fossil?) of a band; once again affirming my love for all things surf-pop/lo-fi.
The two tracks below are from their forthcoming album 'Clash The Truth' which is due for release on February 19th.

Paloma Faith: Manchester 24/01/13

This week Paloma Faith performed two nights at the Apollo, Manchester. We were lucky enough to get tickets for the 2nd night and watch the amazing performance with highlights from both of her excellent albums. Watching her live it was easy to see why there was such a varied audience; her talent to write great songs and engage her fans is unquestionable.

The support came from the soulful Josephine. Playing to her home town her music was fantastic, much like a Motown record you heard as a child; it was instantly likable.

The single 'Portrait' as shown above is from the album of the same name, and is due for release February 25th.

Saturday, 26 January 2013


Late last year we posted the teaser video from BLOOM and now they're back with their debut single 'LORDS'.
The single is everything the teaser eluded to, only now the band reveal themselves musically with great grunge riffs and explosive chorus's.
Lords will be released on February 18th through Sways Records, available as a cassette tape and free digital download. You can pre order the release from the link below.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Tom Odell: Album Details

Today Tom Odell has revealed that 'Long Way Down', his debut album, will be released on April 15th through Columbia Records. Based on the (well deserved) hype that has followed this artist in the recent months, this will no doubt be a chart topping album.
If you want to see Tom, he is touring around the UK just before the album release at the following venues.

1st HMV Institute, Birmingham
2nd The Cockpit Leeds
 3rd King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow
5th Night & Day Café, Manchester
6th Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
8th Thekla, Bristol
10th The Haunt, Brighton
11th The Brook, Southampton
12th Dingwalls, London

23rd Electric Ballroom, London
28th Electric Ballroom, London

HMV: A Future In the Balance

After many years of battling with change, HMV fell into administration this month.

The music store has graced our high streets for nearly a century, but in recent years failed to compete with the download market (both legal and illegal) and big online competitors. With its future in the balance, its demise or rebirth could have a significant impact on the high street.

If HMV were to go, it would be nice to think that their custom would go to independent retailers who offer a more detailed and varied catalogue, compared to HMV's overview. However, I personally think that the people who want to shop at an independent store, already do, and the customers will almost all turn to an online outlet or their local supermarket chart shelf offerings. This would significantly impact the music industry as HMV is one of their biggest consumer points, so it is no doubt to hear that the big studios are backing potential buyouts.

If HMV gets the buyout it is hoping for, one thing is for certain; change is critical. In recent years the store has tried to adapt with the times and branched out into clothing, technology and literature. In doing so it was spread too thin; not really offering the best in any area. My suggestion? When faced with a huge problem, strip everything back to basics, deal with the essentials and tackle the problem at the core. HMV should be there to sell music and films. The technology is better sold by the tech stores; sure stock a few headphones, maybe some speakers, but not half a stores worth.

The next big step would be to invest in their staff. The staff at HMV can be helpful, but only as much as any other supermarket employee, or clothes store assistant. Last month I walked in and noticed they were playing 'Less Than Jake' but I wasn't sure what album/compilation. I walked up to the counter and asked the man standing there, to which he responded by showing me the CD case, and then continued labelling Cd's. There was a perfect chance to inform me (verbally) what the CD was, where I could find it, and if I liked that, what else I might like that the store stocked.

Finally I think the company should downsize. This may not seem logical as it could result in a smaller net profit for the company, but right now they are biting off more than they can chew, running huge stores filled with disappointing stock. It may be sensible to accept a smaller return for a more secure future.

So will HMV be gone and forgotten this time next year, or will it be back and striving in an ever changing market?
Only time will tell.