Monday, 20 February 2012

Born Gold

Reading back a few of my recent posts it seems my addiction to electropop is growing. One of my favourite groups right now is Purity Ring. Well this isnt them, but it is half of them. Corin Roddick is in both Born gold and Purity ring, kind of like a Mini Vince clarke only not as Iconic, yet.

The sound of Born Gold sit more towards the 'indie band' sound of the electropop spectrum, and its refreshing amongst a sea of bedroom chillwave that is flooding the internet recently. The vocals are what set them apart, reminding me of a guy I used to listen to on Myspace called 'Nic Nell' and his song 'Its a trance off' (which btw has completley dissapeared so if you know where to find it let me know)

Anyway, what I have heard so far I like.
Hope you do too.

Born gold - Lawn Knives

Born Gold - Boring Horror

Born Gold - Alabaster Bodywords

Saturday, 18 February 2012


Check. This. Out.
Crim3s - Breed

Crim3s are a London based synth-overdose and they are awesome. This is exactly the sort of sound we need now; teeth gritting bass glazed with glistening melodies and fresh vocals.

Hopefully bands like Crim3s, Purity Ring, Black Ceiling and Grimes will break though and pave the way for electronic music and the whole chart-step thing can be forgotten.

Crim3s - Fade

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Mint Julep

It is good to be back. Two hours in and I have fully re-immersed myself in my musical exploration. Kind of like a born again christian, but without the god, just a profound faith in all good music.

This track is 'Arristea' by a husband a wife duo under the name of 'Mint Julep'.

Holding all the essential components for beautiful electropop; a pulsing bass, catchy hook and drawn synth cords, even ghostly beautiful female vocals. It is instantly likable and more your play it the better it gets.

Mint Joulep are not just a one track sensation either, offering us a selection of tunes as good as the first. Favourites of mine are 'Shine' 'Aviary' and 'Why Don't We'.

If you have a free hour today, get on youtube and find their playlist.
You will not be disappointed.

My Absence

After a month or so without, I once again have access to the Internet! 

I will be posting as usual shortly.