Thursday, 26 September 2013

Huskies: Beach

Apparently we love this shit right now. Yes we do.
This is Huskies, a Nottingham band who are making great surf/dream/alt/lo-fi [any more sub genres come out today that I need to add???] pop. I joke, but I urge you to listen. There are lots of bands out there craving to have a sound as good as this. Hopefully this band will break through like their peers Swim Deep.
For a free download and to hear some of their awesome tunes, follow this link Below is the video to their latest single 'Beach'.
When we look back in time we always go to the music first. With bands like this I can't wait to look back and remember these years and the beautiful music that graced our airwaves.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Nick Mulvey: Nitrous

This week I heard 'Nitrous' by Nick Mulvey. Its a great tune that steps up to bigger heights around the 2.25 mark when the song blends in Olive's 90s hit 'You're not alone'. You already love the song and then you get that moment of ''has he? is that? yes it is... and it works so well''
Its a new breed wonder with a nostalgic hit.
Lovely stuff.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Lorde: Royals

Fortunately for me I have a girlfriend with good ears and great music taste. Today she has told me to listen to 'Royals' by Lorde. At first I thought she was telling me to listen to the Finnish, costumed heavy metal band. Thankfully she wasn't.

Le Youth: Cool

The track below is 'Cool' and comes from Wes James, better known as Le Youth.

Its a great track to close the season, with its bouncy vibe that pulls (not drags) you along for the ride. Like a lazy river ride in a tropical resort, its impossible not to enjoy.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Sub Focus: Torus

Late in 2012 I read an article stating that 2013 WILL BE the year of the guitar band. Indeed we have had a lot more bands appear on our radar and in mainstream music, but this year for me and you I hope, has been the year that SYNTH returned. It has dominated our airwaves, earphones, adverts, TV shows and festivals. Like a beautiful virus it has spread  under our skin. I love it.

This month, Sub Focus will release 'Torus'. Making music since 2003, a decade of releases have helped Nick Douwma work his way to be one of the UK's top Electronic producers. His tracks are instant hits and are gratefully received by his ever growing fan base. Hopefully the release of his latest album will add a number one album under his belt. It would after all, be well deserved.

One of my favourite tracks of the year that features on the album is 'Turn it around'. The sound is huge. It's a rush to listen to. Oh and Kele from Bloc Party lends his vocals. Enough said really.

This next track is called 'Until the end'. Wow. With a synth hook that immediately reminds me of Gary Numan's 'Oh wo-ah' from 'Our Friends Electric', popping drums and rhythmic synth bass lines, this track is awesome. It adds its self without question to my favourites of the year list. Hopefully the radios will pick up on this gem and make my drives to work that bit better.
 Here is some of this great track.

The track listing of 'Torus' is as below:

1. Torus
2. Safe In Sound
3. Endorphins Feat. Alex Clare
4. Out The Blue Feat. Alice Gold
5. Twilight
6. Close Feat. MNEK
7. Turn It Around Feat. Kele
8. Out Of Reach Feat. Jayelldee
9. Falling Down Feat. Kenzie May
10. Turn Back Time
11. You Make It Better Feat. Culture Shock & TC
12. Tidal Wave Feat. Alpines
13. Until The End Feat. Foxes

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Killers: Direct Hits

This week The Killers have announced details of a greatest hits album, cleverly titled 'Direct Hits'.
As well as  tracks from the bands four albums, the compilation will also feature two new tracks called 'Shot at the night' and 'Just another girl'.
Over the years we have grown to expect great tracks from this band and 'Shot at the night' (produced by Anthony Gonzalez of M83) fulfils those expectations. It is instantly likable, blending The Killers talents of beautiful synth hooks and guitar anthems. It will sound great  being played to packed out stadiums.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Monday, 9 September 2013

Radio Wave Brain Wave

Sometimes the oldest mediums are the best resourses. Radio is one of them and thankfully the power of radio hasnt been lost as we have surged forward technologically.
Here are a couple of cool tracks I heard consecutivly on the radio yesterday.
Was a good 6/7 mins.
My Youth - Joey Bada$$
Riot - Sean Paul Ft. Damian Marley