Friday, 3 April 2015

Vant : Birth Certificate

Track Of The Week

This song is great, its a cool track in its own right, but I have made this my Track Of The Week because its topical for me right now. Luckily my wife is at my side as I type this, but a friend was recently separated from his partner due to laws and customs that do not blend with the laws of love.

Thankfully the passion that comes from love is strong. It makes people utilise everything within them to ensure they can be with that one person who means more to them that anyone else. So my friends will be okay and their lives together will move past this. But for now it sucks, and it shouldn't need to. 

Oscar : Daffodil Days

Below is 'Daffodil Days' by Oscar Scheller, apt for this time of year. Its not a song that will change the world, but it sounds great in your playlist and will do for sometime. I like how it has a feel of White Lies, but with a pop edge. Its good.