Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Courteeners - Lose Control

So I wasn't going to write a post tonight... But then I remembered this track.
The Courteeners - Lose Control
This track has been out a few weeks now and I cant get enough of it. The sound is notably different to previous releases, and this has disappointed some, but for me it is the perfect progression for a band that has let their sound mature with them.
The single precedes the release of ANNA, the bands 3rd studio album, which is due February 4th 2013.

Some Nice Tracks...

Some great music to share at 1am.
 Hope you have all had nice Holidays.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

B L O O M : Schizophrenia

The promo video above is from Bloom, and was made by Nick Delap of Egyptian Hip Hop. The video follows the bands first ever show at Pop In, Paris, in November which was sold out.
'Schizophrenia' is a dark and ominous track set to a video which lends its self heavily to the occult. Perfect for the bands promo video, as the long drawn chords, chanting and sampled monologue, coupled together with a video that really doesn't give much away, really leaves you wanting more.
The band are due to put out their first release next year on Sways Records.

Bella Takes Chase

Bella Takes Chase is a singer/songwriter originally from Newcastle Australia, but now living and playing in England.
Miles Away is a great track that is receiving widespread critical acclaim and has been placed on the play lists of over 100 radio stations. Currently in the studio working on her new EP, Bella is looking to out the record out in February/March and looking to play as many festivals as possible in 2013. 

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Mothers Day

One of the best things about writing a music blog like this, is the people you get to talk to and the great music you get to listen to.
Mothers Day are a three piece band from Baltimore, made up of John Butler, Walter Rodgers and John Somers. The trio have been playing together since 2006, and the above track 'Shoulder Soldier' comes from their debut album "Tree House" which is due March 2013 and was mastered by Alex Somers in Iceland.

I love this track for so many reasons; the way it builds, the way it carries you through, the tone, the chords chosen, the choice to use the snare rap taping in and out, and the elusive ending of lovely drawn chords slowly fading out, but then giving the listener a snippet bit more they know you still want.

If 'Shoulder Soldier' is anything to go by, I personally can not wait to hear the rest of the album. Definitely a band to listen out for in 2013.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Nathan K.

Above is a link to 'Dishes' by Nathan K.
Recommended by a reader, 'Dishes' took me back to when I fist started writing this site and all I was listening to was musicians like Jeff Pianki, Joe Hertler and Caleb Groh. It is elegantly simple acoustic folk, stripped of complication and played in its purest form.
Recorded at a hospital in Michigan while keeping his dying Grandfather company, Dishes is a great tribute. My favourite tracks are the opening 'For your own good' and 'Criminal'.
You can listen online or name your own price and download the album.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Beat Connection

Some really nice electronic music here.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


I'm currently in the process of sitting exams, but my head is out of the books for a moment to share some great music.
The tracks below come from a UK bedroom producer under the name of Brolin. Unfortunately that's about as much as I can tell you right now, because that's all anyone knows, or at least is letting known.
Definitely someone to listen out for in the new year.