Thursday, 20 December 2012

Mothers Day

One of the best things about writing a music blog like this, is the people you get to talk to and the great music you get to listen to.
Mothers Day are a three piece band from Baltimore, made up of John Butler, Walter Rodgers and John Somers. The trio have been playing together since 2006, and the above track 'Shoulder Soldier' comes from their debut album "Tree House" which is due March 2013 and was mastered by Alex Somers in Iceland.

I love this track for so many reasons; the way it builds, the way it carries you through, the tone, the chords chosen, the choice to use the snare rap taping in and out, and the elusive ending of lovely drawn chords slowly fading out, but then giving the listener a snippet bit more they know you still want.

If 'Shoulder Soldier' is anything to go by, I personally can not wait to hear the rest of the album. Definitely a band to listen out for in 2013.

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