Saturday, 24 December 2011

Chinese Christmas Cards

Earlier today I was on "le tube of you" looking for electro pop christmas songs; I didnt find any, but I did see a video for this band. I like it!

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and thank you for reading my blog this year,

Matt x

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Lana Del Rey: Born To Die

Last week saw the release of the video of 'Born To Die' by Lana Del Rey, of which has recieved nearly 3 Million hits already.

Born To Die - Lana Del Rey

My favourite part of the track is the lyrics are in the pre-chorous section

 "Don't make me sad, don't make me cry
Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough
I don't know why
Keep making me laugh,
Let's go get high
The road is long, we carry on
Try to have fun in the meantime"

I also like the pulsing beat with the stings on top; its just a really cool track!

If like me you are looking forward to the release of her album on Janaury 30th; you can pre order a copy by clicking the picture below.

Sunday, 18 December 2011


If you want to drown in synth I suggest you go swimming in the IAMAMWHOAMI sea. I think you would enjoy it.

Check out this beautiful Swedish Electropop..

James Drake: Make A Start

"Make A Start" is the debut of singer/songwriter James Drake, who after being in and out of bands for about five years and picking up a guitar only two years ago, has decided to try some solo stuff.

His biggest influences are Dallas Green (Alexisonfire/Cityandcolour) and Alex Gasgarth from All Time Low, both of which can be heard in his track, especially the City and Colour playing style. James also jokes that Xfactors "One Direction" influence him "for reasons unknown".

I know that James is currently in the process of writing more material in order to get out and start giging in the New Year. Hopefully I will be able to get some more recordings online soon and I will keep you updated with any gig details.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Swiss Lips: One To Watch Out For

If this band aren't big next year, then no one has hope.
With a sound crossed between 'MGMT' and 'Friendly Fires', Manchester's 'Swiss Lips' are instantly likeable. As soon as you hear it you know it, not because you have heard it before, but because its the sound you wanted to hear. All the right notes in all the right places.
Scratching beneath the surface of the World Wide Web I found same songs under another Manchester band with the name of Ten Bears. But that is all I could find. Perhaps a change of image/fresh start was needed? Whatever the case, the transformation has paid off and Swiss Lips are creating a beautiful electropop stir.
U Got The Power - Swiss Lips

Grow - Swiss Lips

For now all I can offer is this elusive website. Hopefully it will be soon updated with gigs and releases.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Portlands: Manchester Academy 3 02/12/11

Photo courtesy of Zain Zia Photography

After a forty minute wait, a one and a half hour bus ride and a 30 minute walk, I eventually arrived at the Academy 3 to watch The Portlands.

Before this night I had only heard a few songs and had never seen them live, I was relying my fiancĂ©'s opinion that "they will be good'"...  Infact it turns out that The Portlands are awesome, and I say this in the truest sense of the word.

For me the gig was so good because the band were into it from the word go. They weren't posing with thier instuments, they were animated and enjoyed the music they played. This then spilled out into the audience and it wasnt long before people were claping and dancing along.

My favourite songs of the night were "Blue Sea Blues" "Amelia" and upcoming single "Every word I sing is a lie", but most of all I enjoyed "Stay With Me". It encapsulates everything that is great about this band; their ability to write catchy, energetic music that you can't stop listening to. What more could you want?!

You can hear The Portlands this Sunday on BBC radio Manchester at 10pm where they will be playing an acoustic session along with an interview, be sure to check it out.

The Portlands - Stay With Me

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Vince Clarke and Martin L. Gore: VCMG

Electronic music would not be where it is today without its founding fathers. Two of the most respected of which are Vince Clarke (Erasure / Yazoo / Depeche Mode) and Martin L. Gore (Depeche Mode) and for the first time in 30 years the pair are once again working together.

VGCM are set to release an EP at the end of this month followed by an album in spring 2012.

EP1 / SPOCK will be available initially as a global exclusive on Beatport on 30 November, and then on all DSPs from 12 December with the 12" release following on 19 December 2011.

Spock - Album Version
Spock - Edit Select Remix
Spock - Regis Remix
Spock - DVS1 Voyage Home Remix
Spock - XOQ Remix

Bring on November 30th, hope it is as good as its deserves to be!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Writers Strike: Stay Down EP

Writers Strike are a 5 piece band from Halifax Nova Scotia and 'Stay Down' is their recent release.

Recorded at Sonic Temple Recording Studio, this great EP is a window into the future, a sneak preview of what this band have to offer when they release a full length album sometime 2012.

My favourite track is 'Splitting Images'. Verging on the edge of post grunge, you fall into this track, pulled along by the mellow melodies. I also love the later half where it is imposible not to join in with the crowd vocals, something I am sure would sound amazing live.

To listen to the EP or buy for whatever price you fancy, head over to the bands bandcamp page bellow.

Friendly Fires Tour Rescheduled / Summer Camp Tour Announcement!

After canceling several tour dates due to illness, Friendly Fires have rescheduled and are due to pick back up in December. Great news? Yes, unless like me you have an exam in the evening of your rescheduled date. Yesterday I was disappointed and now I think I am just cursed!

The recheduled dates are:
Manchester Apollo - December 15th
Southampton Guildhall - December 16th
 Newcastle O2 Academy - December 18th
Nottingham Rock City - December 19th
 Glasgow Barrowlands - December 20th

On a more upbeat note, Summer Camp have announced details of a tour next March!

Bristol Louisiana -  March 13th
Birmingham The Rainbow - March 14th
Norwich Arts Centre - March 15th
Manchester Night and Day - March 16th
Glasgow Captain’s Rest - March 17th
Sheffield The Harley - March 19h
Cambridge Portland Arms - March 20th
London Scala - March 21st

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Friendly Fires: Tour Cancelations

Friendly Fires have had to cancel several UK tour dates due to Ed having Laryngitis.

I was hoping this wouldn't be the case as I was due to watch them perform at the O2 Apollo in Manchester, but this morning the text arrived. Devastated.

Hopefully Ed's throat will get better and the tour will be rescheduled soon.

Still can't wait to see them live, whenever that may be.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Four Year Strong: Just Drive & Stuck In The Middle

Some Beautiful new chunky riffs from Four Year Stong :D

Hopefully these guys will be touring sometime soon! They are equally as awesome live as they are recorded.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Los Campesinos: By Your Hand

Los Campesions! are a band I had heard of but never heard.

Yesterday I was reading and his recent review promted me to finaly check out this band.

By Your Hand - Los Campesinos!

Hello Sadness - Los Campesinos!

I like them ALOT and I'm quite annoyed that I didnt check out this band sooner. It is instantly likeable; a comfort simarly found with band such as 'The Wombats' or 'Okay Go'.

Any suggestions of more bands I need to hear, please let me know! It will be much appreciated.

Friday, 4 November 2011


Every now and then you come across a band that makes you stop what you are doing and just listen.

Milagres are one of those bands.

Halfway - Milagres

Glowing Mouth - Milagres

Outside - Milagres

Monday, 31 October 2011

Sacred Animals Vs Owensie: Cat And Mouse

Sacred Animals Vs Owensie - Cat And Mouse

The song 'Cat And Mouse' is far from uplifting; in fact it is quite the opposite, but I still feel compelled to listen to it several times a day.

''Cat And Mouse' was written about a Russian family who fell to their death in a housing estate in Glasgow last year. An apparent suicide from high in an old tower block used to house asylum seekers, it is thought they may have jumped for fear of deportation by immigration authorities. The father was also known to have suffered from mental problems. After the family were removed, a vigil was held by other local asylum seekers & many came forward with similar accounts of jumping from buildings in fear of deportation.' - Owensie

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Performance: A Language

On the 28.10.11, Performance released 'A Language' in Germany; a country where the bands well deserved recognition is continually growing.

The album is a collection of material from their previous albums '(we are) Performance)' and 'Red Brick Heart'. Both were great albums, but neither seemed to propel the band to the heights they deserve.

Perhaps this is what the band need, a new album showcasing the best that they have produced so far, together with a great new image.
The album is available through various outlets including as below

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Jeff Pianki: Fall Tour 2011

Yesterday I received an email from Jeff Pianki promoting his tour this fall (Autumn).

10/28 - Lansing, MI
 10/29 - South Bend, IN
 10/30 - Milwaukee, WI
 11/2 - Madison, WI
 11/3 - Iowa City, IA
 11/4 - Columbia, MO
 11/5 - Hazelwood, MO
 11/7 - Urbana, IL
 11/8 - Indianapolis, IN
 11/9 - Nashville, TN
 11/10 - Boone, NC
 11/11 - Christiansburg, VA
 11/12 - Fredericksburg, VA
 11/13 - Williamsburg, VA
 11/14 - Fairfax, VA
 11/15 - Philadelphia, PA
 11/17 - Boston, MA
 11/19 - Harrisburg, PA

If you live in, or near to any of the above cities, then go. Not only is Jeff a talented musician, he is one of the nicest and down-to-earth people you will come across.

To get your tickets and tour merch, visit

Hopefully it wont be long until Jeff will be touring the UK and the rest of the world!

Friday, 14 October 2011

Best video of the year?

Yesterday Cage The Elephant released the official video for their awesome, addictive song, "Aberdeen".

The video shows a lonely Godzilla style creature, longing to be accepted, but misunderstood by the humans. You find yourself sad and laughing at the same time. 

I think it is safe to say this is definitely my favourite video of the year.

Cage The Elephant - Aberdeen

Friday, 7 October 2011

The Good Natured

As the leaves turn brown and the nights draw in; summer comes to an end. The surf pop anthems sound out of place and now you need a new sound. Fitting that gap perfectly are Electropop outfit 'The Good Natured'.

The Good Natured - Wolves

Much like 'White Lies', 'La Roux' and 'Performance', 'The Good Natured' take the best of the 1980's and make it their own to create something perfect.

The track 'Wolves' is my favourite. With one listen I was hooked; the synth under my skin, bass in my blood and vocals in my head. It's Electropop at its best.

If you are fortunate enough to have tickets, you can see them play with 'The Wombats' on their UK tour. Hopefully they will get the hype they deserve and we will see them headlining a tour of their own soon.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

A Few Things I'm Listening To

Summer Camp - I Want You

'I Want You' is this century's equivalent to Depeche Modes 'A Question of Lust'. Plug your earphones in and immerse yourself in the pool of synth and bass. My favourite part of the song is at 1:48 when the song mellows, builds and then drops in a pulsing beat that automatically makes you move your head in time.

Florence And The Machine - Shake It Out

I'm glad Florence And The Machine came back with something as good as this; they had big boots to fill due to the success of their first album, but i think its safe to say they are striding ahead comfortably.

Alex Clare - Up All Night  (Skream Remix)

I heard it again last night when Dale and I were on route to the off licence. Its not normally the sort of thing I listen too, but it is undeniably awesome. It was played again later at the party and everyone loved it.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Future of Bloc Party?

Will Bloc Party split? or just carry on without Kele? Or is everything okay? I don't know, and its annoying.

This has all come about since Kele announced he happened to spot the rest of his band in front of a rehearsal studio with their instruments; only he wasn't informed about a practice, prompting the question of weather he was still in the band.

Since then the rest of the band have said they were going to work on some instrumental stuff, but now may get a singer in with the possibility of putting out some music and playing some gigs.

Still... Have they split? Is Kele out? Or is everything okay? I'm not sure.

My theory (and something I hope is true) is that the rest of the band are starting some kind of new project. My logic is due to a post on the bands website that simply read:

Bloc Party Is Still Bloc Party.

So maybe they're leaving Bloc Party alone; no one leaving, no one joining. Just starting something new.
I hope so anyway, because I'd love to hear another Bloc Party album
(with all band members invited and present)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Big Talk: Manchester Academy 3 26.09.11

For a performer used to playing the likes of the Royal Albert Hall and the MEN Arena; the Academy 3 is a matchbox in comparison. But tonight, Ronnie Vannucci is playing here, not with The Killers, but his side project Big Talk.

The crowd were excited and cheered the band, although Ronnie described it "like playing in Tokyo, LOTS OF CHEERS - then silence" This gets a laugh and momentarily breaks the ice of this intimate setting.

It seemed that all who turned up to watch (around 200 of us) knew the album; some enough to sing along. 'Replica' and 'Getaways' were crowd favourites and I particularly enjoyed seeing 'Big Eye' live as it build and builds until it fills the room.

All in all, the gig was awesome and I am glad I had the chance to see such a great performer in such an intimate venue.

Most Thieves: Manchester Academy 3 26.09.11

Before a gig I usually try to find out who the support act is going to be and for Big Talk playing the Manchester Academy on the 26th September I couldn't find anything. This didn't fill me with hope.

However, I needn't have worried because 'Most Thieves' are good. Quite good in fact. The came out and played like seasoned pros, shocking the audience when they announced this is only the bands 14th gig so far. An impressive feat to be already off touring Europe with the likes of Big Talk then!

They play like it's their last gig and you can see its something they clearly enjoy doing. With a sound clearly influenced by the likes of Death Cab it is also easy to like.

Hopefully they will do well and we will see them back in the UK on a tour of their own.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Rachel Goodrich - Lightbulb (ANR remix)

Since first seeing the new BT infinity advert I have been meaning to look up this song for a while; but for some reason or another I never did. I should have done, because now I cant get enough.

I understand its not the origional, but hey, sometimes remixes are better!

Here it is anyway:

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Trombone Shorty - Live on Jools Holland

Lastnight I was watching the Jools Holland show and saw this!

Trombone Shorty - Do To You

You cant beat a song with a trombone!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Bos Angeles

Bos Angeles are awesome.

With a sound reminiscent of Joy Division and early Snow Patrol; whats not to like!
As soon as the music starts you get that feeling; the feeling that this band is good, that there is something there and you want more.

Currently, the only music available is a demo on the bands bandcamp site. Hopefully we will receive more in the near future.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Cage The Elephant: Aberdeen

Cage The Elephant - Aberdeen

Today (September 16th), Cage The Elephant released this truly awesome track.

Such an addictive band.

Brand New Set For UK Tour

Currently working on a follow up album to 2009's 'Daisy', Brand New will start the tour at the Bristol O2 Academy on the 8th and finish at Cardiff Great Hall on the 17th.

The tickets went on sale today, the day I found out, and now I cant seem to find a retailer with any left!
Devestation is an understatement.

For those of you who want to continue the search for tickets, or pay the touts, Brand New will be playing the follwoing venues:

O2 Academy Bristol - February 8th
Manchester Academy - Febuary 9th
Southampton Guildhall - Febuary 10th
London Camden Roundhouse -  Febuary11th
O2 Academy Glasgow - Febuary 14th
O2 Academy Birmingham -  Febuary 15th
O2 Academy Newcastle - Febuary 16th
Cardiff Great Hall - Febuary 17th

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Blink 182: Up All Night Video.

Blink 182 have released the video for 'Up All Night', one of their recent recordings from their forthcoming album 'Neighbourhoods', due for release 27th September 2011.

Here is the video anyway.

I'm looking forward to the release of 'Neighbourhoods'. If these recent releases are anything to go by, it will be an awesome return.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Strokes: Two Kind Of Happiness

I work with a guy called Dave and Dave has quite a good taste in music. The other week he lent me 'Angles', the latest release from The Stokes. Now, The Strokes have never been one of my favourite bands, mainly just simmering in the background with the odd track I like every now and then.

The latest 'odd track' is called 'Two Kinds Of Happiness'. I cant stop listening to it and when I'm not listening to it, its repeating over and over in my head. Its such a good song, maybe one of my favourite songs I have heard this year... really!

Here it is anyway, hope you like it too.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Kaiser Chiefs Confirm Tour

The Kaiser Chiefs are set to tour the UK; announcing dates for January and February 2012. This will be the bands first big tour for almost two years. Although, they haven't been exactly quiet, still playing festivals and some other gigs. Tickets for the tour go on sale Friday 29th August at 9am, coinciding with the next release 'Man On Mars' from their latest album 'The Future Is Medieval'.


January 2012

27th Llandudno Cymru Arena
28th Reading Hexagon
29th Southend Cliffs Pavilion
31st Guildford G Live

February 2012

2nd Derby Assembly Rooms
3rd Birmingham O2 Academy
4th Plymouth Pavilions
6th Norwich UEA
7th Lincoln Engine Shed
9th Edinburgh HMV Picture House
10th Glasgow O2 Academy
11th Blackpool Empress Ballroom
13th Sheffield O2 Academy
14th Newcastle O2 Academy
15th Grimsby Auditorium
17th Manchester Academy
19th Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall
21st Portsmouth Guildhall
22nd Bristol Colston Hall
23rd London HMV Hammersmith Apollo

Friday, 12 August 2011


How I missed the release of this album and the single that proceeded I don't know.

Big Talk is the solo project of Ronnie Vannucci Jr, also more commonly know as the drummer from The Killers who looks like Jason Lee (my name is earl).

This single Getaways was released ahead of the album; I suggest you take a listen as its awesome stuff and better than you think it would be (probably because you never imagine drummers as singers).

No longer will I see Earl on the drums, but Ronnie. Hopefully he will release some more solo stuff, or maybe lead a few for The Killers? That would be something!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wade to Join Gallows!

Frank Carter recently left Gallows to work on a new project 'Pure Love' and this week Alexisonfire announced that they are to split. It seemed that all was lost....

This is until today when Wade MacNeil of Alexisonfire has been confirmed as the new singer of Gallows!Wade had met and befriended the band when they toured together as he played in his side project Black Lungs in 2009, so it seems they got on kept in touch.

Hopefully we will get to hear the new sound of Gallows soon as the band are currently recording their third studio album and are set to tour North America with Four Year Strong this autumn.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Music Industry Hit By Riots.

This week England has seen a wave of riots spread the country.
As well as causing mindless damage to their own communities, the rioters have now damaged the music industry.

Last night PIAS Distribution, the UK's largest independent distributor, was burned to the ground.
Their warehouse, based in Enfield, held stock on site for a large amount of independent labels, all of which may be lost. This could potentially be extremely damaging to the music industry, particularly to smaller labels who relied solely on PIAS for holding and distributing their stock.

Thankfully we can take some comfort that we live in an age where digital sales are possible. Hopefully this will keep the smaller labels solvent until thier stock is replenished, although it could take sometime.

In the meantime I hope that the riots stop soon and the culprits are caught and procecuted. Not just for this act, but any acts of violence, theft or damage caused over the past days. 
They have disgraced our country.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

'The Only Band Ever' Alexisonfire, Split.

"Was the break up amicable? Not really. Was it necessary? Probably. Regardless, the members of this band are my family and I wish them nothing but good fortune." - George

After nearly 10 years together as a band, Alexisonfire have split. The decision came about after Dallas Green had decided to leave the band to focus on his other project 'City and Colour' and now Wade has left to play in another band. At first the band considered finding a replacement for Dallas, but with the recent departure of Wade, the rest of the band have decided to close the curtain on Alexisonfire.

The band are planning to do a farewell/10 year anniversary tour of their home country Canada, although this is still in the planning stages.

The split was announced yesterday by lead singer George Pettit on the band website which he thanks fans for their support, describing them as 'the coal that stoked their engine'.

 Pettit concludes the message by telling fans to"Take solace in the fact that you live in one of the most exciting musical eras. Try to support some of your local independent artists in the same way that you supported us. A life of musical exploration is a rich and fulfilling one."

Its sad to know that there will be no more releases to look forward to, but they leave a catolouge of albums I know i will enjoy listening to over and over.

Here are some of my favourite Alexisonfire songs:

Accidents - Alexisonfire

No Transitory - Alexisonfire

Mailbox Arson - Alexisonfire

Saturday, 6 August 2011

So so so good

A month or so ago I did a post of awesome covers. I stupidly forgot this track.

City Wolf - Where Is My Mind  (Pixies Cover)

I first heard this cover while watching Observe and Report; a film you have to see.

Hope you like it too! (the cover and the film!)

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Trof Northern Quarter

Last Friday my Fiance and me decided to go into Manchester for a drink. After trying a few bars and finding they were either too packed/too pricey/rubbish music; we decided to try 'Trof NQ'.

I'd been on their website and it looked good, but far too often looks are misleading. This wasn't the case. What we found was a diamond amongst rhinestones; good music,good prices and a good mix of people. I need to go back to the music, it was awesome not good. It was 'Block Party' night and the DJ's were playing a mix of hip-hop and other similar sounds, some we knew and others we didn't, but all good choices. It fit the scene perfectly. Enough to move to, but mellow enough to also sit and talk, without having to shout to be heard. Another plus was the staff who were friendly and welcoming; sadly a rarity these days.

So, if you're in Manchester, visit Trof NQ. You wont be disappointed.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Smiths Deluxe Box Set

If you are a fan of The Smiths, this is your holy grail and your life will not be complete without it.

The set is on sale through online music store for £249.99 and is limited to 3000 world wide.

Digitally remastered from origional recordings by Johnny Marr and Frank Arkwright, the box set contains the following:

A heavyweight trunk boxset including:

All eight album releases taken back to original tape sources and remastered by Johnny Marr and Frank Arkwright
All eight albums on Mini LP replica style CDs in gatefold card wallets
All eight albums on 12” vinyl LPs (5 singles, 3 doubles)
25x 7" Singles (the entire The Smiths Singles collection) inc. specially reproduced rarities
A 36" x 24" Poster of all album and single cover artwork
The Complete Picture’ DVD of the band's music videos
An 8 page 12" booklet feat. expanded liner notes
 8x 12" art prints of each album cover artwork
An Exclusive Code to download the whole catalogue as high quality MP3s (320k)

Definatly a must have for the ultimate Smiths fan!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Amy Winehouse 1983 - 2011

Amy Winehouse died this weekend on the 23rd July. She was 27.

Widely known for her raw musical talent, the last years of her life were sadly equally known for her addition to drugs, alcohol and negative relationships.

Her death is a tragic loss to music and she leaves behind a great contribution that will have her remembered for many years to come.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

We Are Losers - Debut Single

On Monday the 18th, Ireland's 'We Are Losers' release their debut single featuring  'Cheerleader' and 'Sunset Song'.

Starting out as a bedroom project of guitarist and vocalist Gavin Elsted; Stephen Colan, Bronwyn Murphy-White and Gary Clarke soon joined to became 'We Are Losers' and started making a name for themselves in Dublin's indie scene. Releasing their single through Leeds based 'Dance To The Radio' this band are one to listen out for.

I would recommend this band to fans of 'The Pigeon Detectives'; they are pure unadulterated indie pop at its best!

The single is available on 7" for an extremely reasonable £3.50 from the link below!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Chris suggested

I listen to this band.
Polar Bear Club - Living Saints

I like it!

Thursday, 30 June 2011

First Assault

Im glad I have a Twitter account because without it I wouldnt have heard this band, and they're really worth a listen. Their sound is kind of 'Taking Back Sunday' meets abit of 'DCFC' and 'Reggie and The Full Effect'

Theyre not the most polished band out there, but that is in no way a bad thing. It is that similar rawness that made Reggie And The Full Effect so good to listen to!

The tracks I really like are 'When We Colide' 'Friday 13th' 'Old Times' and 'You and I' All really good and show signs of a band with potential.

Hopefully we will continue to hear more from them in the future.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Foster The People

Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks

Foster The People - Houdini

Such good songs!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

City and Colour: Tour Announcement

Today City and Colour announced European and US tour dates. The pre-sale for the European tickets has already started and tickets are available from . You can also buy your ticket within a bundle with posters and various records.

Thankfully I managed to get some Manchester pre-sale tickets for me and Ellé and hopefully we will get as good a spot this time round as we did in London! Click the link below to see the pictures I took.

If you haven't already, check out City and Colours new album 'Little Hell' by clicking the link below.


09/30 – Vienna, Austra @ WUK
10/01 – Zurich, Switzerland @ Exil
10/02 – CesenaBonci, Italy @ Theater
10/04 – Colonge, DE @ Essigfabrik
10/05 – Berlin, DE @ Lido
10/06 – Hamburg, DE @ Greunspan
10/08 – Amsterdam, Holland @ Melkweg8
10/09 – Antwerp, Belgium @ Trix
10/11 – Paris, France @ Fleche D’or
10/13 – Cardiff, UK @ St David’s Hall
10/14 – New Castle, UK @ City Hall
10/15 – Glasgow, UK @ Academy
10/17 – Manchester, UK @ Academy 2
10/18 – London, UK @ Roundhouse


09/14 – Dallas, TX – Southside Music Hall
09/15 – Houston, TX @ House of Blues
10/27 – New Orleans, LA @ House of Blues
11/03 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Orpheum
11/04 – Pomona, CA @ The Fox Theater
11/05 – San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore
11/08 – San Diego, CA @ House of Blues
11/09 – Tempe, AZ @ The Marquee
11/11 – Salt Lake City, UT @ In The Venue
11/12 – Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre
11/13 – Omaha, NE @ Slowdown
11/14 – Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theatre
11/16 – St. Louis, MO @ Blueberry Hill
11/17 – Nashville, TN @ The Mercy Lounge
11/18 – Knoxville, TN @ The Bijou Theatre
11/19 – Cincinnati, OH @ Bogart’s
11/21 – Louisville, KY @ Headliners
11/23 – Chicago, IL @ Vic Theatre
11/25 – Detroit, MI @ The Fillmore Detroit
11/27 – Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues
11/30 – Niagara Falls, NY @ Rapids Theatre
12/01 – S. Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground
12/02 – Boston, MA @ House of Blues
12/03 – Northampton, MA @ Pearl Street
12/05 – New Haven, CT @ Toad’s Place
12/07 – New York, NY @ Terminal 5
12/09 – Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
12/10 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club

Glastonbury 2011

Tomorrow people will start to arrive at Glastonbury ahead of the 3 days of awesome music that runs from the 24th to the 26th of June.

If like myself you dont have a ticket, you can catch all the highlights, interviews and behind the scenes ongoings through the various BBC mediums.

Im particulay looking forward to seeing footage from; Cage The Elephant, Two Door Cinema Club, Fleet Foxes, The Wombats, White Lies, Friendly Fires, Jimmy Eat World, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Joy Formidable, OK Go, Foster The People (to name a few off the top of my head)

Monday, 13 June 2011

Bombay Bicycle Club: UK Tour

Bombay Bicycle Club have announced UK tour dates for later this year starting at Brighton Dome on the 30th September and finishing at the O2 Academy in Brixton. The tour will follow the release of their third album ‘A Different Kind Of Fix’ on 29th August.

September 30th Brighton Dome
October 1st Newcastle O2 Academy
October 2nd Glasgow Barrowland
October 3rd Leeds O2 Academy
October 5th Sheffield O2 Academy
October 6th Hull University
October 7th Manchester Apollo
October 9th Lincoln Engine Shed
October 10th Norwich UEA
October 11th Oxford O2 Academy
October 12th Bristol O2 Academy
October 13th Birmingham O2 Academy
October 14th Cardiff University Great Hall
October 16th Southampton Guildhall
October 17th Nottingham Rock City
October 19th London O2 Academy Brixton

Friday, 10 June 2011

Get Loud In Libraries!

Marina and the Diamonds

I came across GLIL today whilst on the internet looking for bands to see. Rather than a dingy club, a tin-box-arena or an over priced concert hall; the venue is a public library.

The idea is "-designed to give people, especially young people who love music, a damn good time in a library" and "Using great fresh modern rock and pop in an innovative, natural location as the key, it offers opportunities to kids from 5 to 65 to check out bands at close quarters in a book clad feelgood venue before they hit the proverbial big time."

I like it. Hopefully Ill get some tickets to a show and let you know how it went.
The Wombats

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

PATTERNS: 'Pure Shores' Cover

Not too long ago I posted some of my favourite covers

At that point I hadn't heard Patterns cover of 'Pure Shores' by 90's/00's girl group All Saints. It would be wrong of me not to share this with you; so here it is in all its purity.
Patterns - 'Pure Shores'

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Dananananaykroyd: 'There Is A Way'

On the 13th June Dananananaykroyd will relase thier latest album 'There Is A Way'

Like most bands, Dananananaykroyd have decided to stream their album online ahead of its release and you can listen to it here

I quite like the tracks 'Good Time' and 'Make A Fist'

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Listen to City and Colours New Album 'Little Hell'

You can now listen to City and Colours 'Little Hell' via theses videos uploaded to YouTube. The album is to be released worldwide on June 7th so for now this will have to do!