Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Music Industry Hit By Riots.

This week England has seen a wave of riots spread the country.
As well as causing mindless damage to their own communities, the rioters have now damaged the music industry.

Last night PIAS Distribution, the UK's largest independent distributor, was burned to the ground.
Their warehouse, based in Enfield, held stock on site for a large amount of independent labels, all of which may be lost. This could potentially be extremely damaging to the music industry, particularly to smaller labels who relied solely on PIAS for holding and distributing their stock.

Thankfully we can take some comfort that we live in an age where digital sales are possible. Hopefully this will keep the smaller labels solvent until thier stock is replenished, although it could take sometime.

In the meantime I hope that the riots stop soon and the culprits are caught and procecuted. Not just for this act, but any acts of violence, theft or damage caused over the past days. 
They have disgraced our country.

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