Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Trof Northern Quarter

Last Friday my Fiance and me decided to go into Manchester for a drink. After trying a few bars and finding they were either too packed/too pricey/rubbish music; we decided to try 'Trof NQ'.

I'd been on their website and it looked good, but far too often looks are misleading. This wasn't the case. What we found was a diamond amongst rhinestones; good music,good prices and a good mix of people. I need to go back to the music, it was awesome not good. It was 'Block Party' night and the DJ's were playing a mix of hip-hop and other similar sounds, some we knew and others we didn't, but all good choices. It fit the scene perfectly. Enough to move to, but mellow enough to also sit and talk, without having to shout to be heard. Another plus was the staff who were friendly and welcoming; sadly a rarity these days.

So, if you're in Manchester, visit Trof NQ. You wont be disappointed.

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