Monday, 31 October 2011

Sacred Animals Vs Owensie: Cat And Mouse

Sacred Animals Vs Owensie - Cat And Mouse

The song 'Cat And Mouse' is far from uplifting; in fact it is quite the opposite, but I still feel compelled to listen to it several times a day.

''Cat And Mouse' was written about a Russian family who fell to their death in a housing estate in Glasgow last year. An apparent suicide from high in an old tower block used to house asylum seekers, it is thought they may have jumped for fear of deportation by immigration authorities. The father was also known to have suffered from mental problems. After the family were removed, a vigil was held by other local asylum seekers & many came forward with similar accounts of jumping from buildings in fear of deportation.' - Owensie

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Performance: A Language

On the 28.10.11, Performance released 'A Language' in Germany; a country where the bands well deserved recognition is continually growing.

The album is a collection of material from their previous albums '(we are) Performance)' and 'Red Brick Heart'. Both were great albums, but neither seemed to propel the band to the heights they deserve.

Perhaps this is what the band need, a new album showcasing the best that they have produced so far, together with a great new image.
The album is available through various outlets including as below

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Jeff Pianki: Fall Tour 2011

Yesterday I received an email from Jeff Pianki promoting his tour this fall (Autumn).

10/28 - Lansing, MI
 10/29 - South Bend, IN
 10/30 - Milwaukee, WI
 11/2 - Madison, WI
 11/3 - Iowa City, IA
 11/4 - Columbia, MO
 11/5 - Hazelwood, MO
 11/7 - Urbana, IL
 11/8 - Indianapolis, IN
 11/9 - Nashville, TN
 11/10 - Boone, NC
 11/11 - Christiansburg, VA
 11/12 - Fredericksburg, VA
 11/13 - Williamsburg, VA
 11/14 - Fairfax, VA
 11/15 - Philadelphia, PA
 11/17 - Boston, MA
 11/19 - Harrisburg, PA

If you live in, or near to any of the above cities, then go. Not only is Jeff a talented musician, he is one of the nicest and down-to-earth people you will come across.

To get your tickets and tour merch, visit

Hopefully it wont be long until Jeff will be touring the UK and the rest of the world!

Friday, 14 October 2011

Best video of the year?

Yesterday Cage The Elephant released the official video for their awesome, addictive song, "Aberdeen".

The video shows a lonely Godzilla style creature, longing to be accepted, but misunderstood by the humans. You find yourself sad and laughing at the same time. 

I think it is safe to say this is definitely my favourite video of the year.

Cage The Elephant - Aberdeen

Friday, 7 October 2011

The Good Natured

As the leaves turn brown and the nights draw in; summer comes to an end. The surf pop anthems sound out of place and now you need a new sound. Fitting that gap perfectly are Electropop outfit 'The Good Natured'.

The Good Natured - Wolves

Much like 'White Lies', 'La Roux' and 'Performance', 'The Good Natured' take the best of the 1980's and make it their own to create something perfect.

The track 'Wolves' is my favourite. With one listen I was hooked; the synth under my skin, bass in my blood and vocals in my head. It's Electropop at its best.

If you are fortunate enough to have tickets, you can see them play with 'The Wombats' on their UK tour. Hopefully they will get the hype they deserve and we will see them headlining a tour of their own soon.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

A Few Things I'm Listening To

Summer Camp - I Want You

'I Want You' is this century's equivalent to Depeche Modes 'A Question of Lust'. Plug your earphones in and immerse yourself in the pool of synth and bass. My favourite part of the song is at 1:48 when the song mellows, builds and then drops in a pulsing beat that automatically makes you move your head in time.

Florence And The Machine - Shake It Out

I'm glad Florence And The Machine came back with something as good as this; they had big boots to fill due to the success of their first album, but i think its safe to say they are striding ahead comfortably.

Alex Clare - Up All Night  (Skream Remix)

I heard it again last night when Dale and I were on route to the off licence. Its not normally the sort of thing I listen too, but it is undeniably awesome. It was played again later at the party and everyone loved it.