Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Future of Bloc Party?

Will Bloc Party split? or just carry on without Kele? Or is everything okay? I don't know, and its annoying.

This has all come about since Kele announced he happened to spot the rest of his band in front of a rehearsal studio with their instruments; only he wasn't informed about a practice, prompting the question of weather he was still in the band.

Since then the rest of the band have said they were going to work on some instrumental stuff, but now may get a singer in with the possibility of putting out some music and playing some gigs.

Still... Have they split? Is Kele out? Or is everything okay? I'm not sure.

My theory (and something I hope is true) is that the rest of the band are starting some kind of new project. My logic is due to a post on the bands website that simply read:

Bloc Party Is Still Bloc Party.

So maybe they're leaving Bloc Party alone; no one leaving, no one joining. Just starting something new.
I hope so anyway, because I'd love to hear another Bloc Party album
(with all band members invited and present)

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