Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Wildlife: On The Heart

Today, Toronto band 'Wildlife' released their latest album 'On The Heart'.
As I sit here trying to write a serious and analytical review I am listening to the record for the 2nd time today, and to be honest my focus is on the album! It is ridiculously captivating. As each track plays it is obvious there is no filler; each song deserves to be there as much as the next and it comes down to the pure passion that the band have put into writing the album.
Described by the band as "an essay on the heart" it really transcends as you absorb each track, not just the romance and heartache, but everything that the heart does.
My personal favourite tracks are 'Born To Ruin' 'One For The Body' and 'Bonnie', but this isn't the kind of record where you will just pick out a track at a time, this one to listen to in full over and over.
Hopefully this record will get the recognition it deserves, not just back in Canada, but here in the UK and the rest of the world too. If you have can I highly recommend you add 'On The Heart' to your collection; you wont be disappointed.

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