Friday, 25 June 2010

Band of horses; The Ritz Manchester 08.06.10

Tuesday the eighth of June, Band of horses performed at the Ritz in Manchester, and a three year wait was over.

Front man Ben Bridwell humbly takes to the stage, not even a dimming of lights, just the volume lowered and opens with 'Ode to LRC' joined by the rest of the band half way through. The band went on to play more of their older material, dropping in favourites from 'infinite arms' along the way; This was a nice touch for those of us who were unsure if we was just going to hear infinite arms track by track.
As the set progressed I was more than happy to hear favourites 'the great salt lake' and 'the funeral', as were the rest of the audience for that matter judging by the large cheers and applause that followed each song.
The band came on for an encore and finished the set nicely with 'The General Specific' which was nothing short of amazing, and a great cover of them twos 'am I a good man'

To me the concert had a genuine feel to it. It wasn’t polished over and perfect but raw and authentic, weather that was by mistake or not. I left the Ritz that night somewhat more complete, like something had been achieved.

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