Saturday, 4 November 2017

I'm Glad It's You

I cant remember how I ended up listening to 'I'm Glad It's You' on Spotify, but... I'm glad I did.

Recently I've been listening to a lot of American indie rock, that's a broad genre as some bands lean more towards a post punk feel, some are kind of pop punk and then some have emo vibes. 'I'm Glad Its You' nicely blend acoustic melodies with raw distortion, choral chants and indie riffs. They do it really well too.

I decided to check out their Instagram after hearing the album and was stunned by what I read. Heading out on tour in July, they were involved in a car accident which injured band members and tragically took the life of a close friend and champion of the band, Chris Avis. I was moved reading the posts that followed the accident, the sincerity of their tributes to a lost friend were heartbreaking.

Thankfully 'I'm Glad It's You' will continue to make music and perform shows, with all members having made a full recovery. I think its the only thing they can do, move forward and carry Chris Avis in their hearts.

They have shows coming up this month and you can check out their music online, I strongly recommend you do. Below is their track 'Curbside' which is their most played on Spotify.

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