Thursday, 1 September 2016

Meals : Come Clean

I heard this track late last night and loved it instantly. A second of fuzz and the distorted guitar crackles in; you know as the riff repeats that this is something good. It's soon confirmed as the lead and drums drop in, followed by some nice vocals. Make sure you check out their other tracks 'Running Out' and 'Dig You Up' on their Soundcloud page.

'Come Clean' by Meals is being released via Major Leagues Records on tape cassette and download September 2nd. The track features on the six track cassette 'Sour Coast Vol. 1; limited to 80 translucent red copies and you can buy this HERE from their bandcamp page. I hope to hear more from both Meals and MLR in the future.

If you like the track above you should also check out 'I Quit Girls', a Japandroids cover by Be Forest. It shares the same feel as 'Come Clean' and with its looping riffs and LoFi qualities it hits you in the same way. I love the beautiful vocals on this track, along with the build of this song. It will never last long enough, I need a six hour version.

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