Monday, 16 March 2015

Death Cab For Cutie: Little Wanderer

Track Of The Week

'Little Wanderer' is the latest track unveiled from Death Cab For Cutie's forthcoming album 'Kintsugi'. 

The album is the first since the departure of guitarist Chris Walla and speaking about the album, Gibbard states he hopes the bands past albums will not affect the enjoyment of the new music. To be honest i'm not sure why he's said it... Maybe he feels he has to following the departure, but the sound isnt drastically differet. When you listen you still hear Death Cab, you instantly recognise the sound that has earned them a successful career.

'Little Wanderer' is a simple in form, but as always with Death Cab, its completed with great lyrics to make it a great track. After a few plays it sits at home perfectly with the bands back catalogue and setting your iPod to shuffle it wont feel out of place as often new material can. My favourite of the new tracks released so far.

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