Tuesday, 10 March 2015

LVL UP - Somebody Kill Me Please

Every now and then, a group comes along and does something you weren't expecting. I wasn't expecting this.

To most 'The Wedding Singer' is just another Adam Sandler film, but its always been a big deal in my family. I think its because not only is it a really funny, insanely quotable cult classic; but it has a killer soundtrack with some amazing originals.

LVL UP have decided to cover one of those originals, 'Somebody Kill Me Please', a desperate plea from an emotionally traumatised Robbie Hart. The original is played on one guitar and follows a simple strumming pattern, but LVL UP have brought their own flavour, added some nice melodies, drums and give it a great Shoegaze feel. It is nothing short of amazing. I've played it at least 12 times today and will no doubt play it some more.

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