Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Magic Gang

Act Of The Week

On Thursday I went watching Wolf Alice at the Manchester Ritz. They were amazing and I wasn't expecting any less. What I wasn't prepared for however, was a support act as good as 'The Magic Gang'.

A quick Google shows that this Brighton 4 piece have been around for some time, which explains the ease in which they perform together in front of a packed out venue. Its not only the bands interaction and cohesion that show their experience, but their music is well formed. Their beachy, weezer-esque sound is easily likeable and they provide a full spectrum from fast punky numbers, to slowed down tunes. Its easy to throw yourself around on stage and play something energetic and fast paced; your mistakes are easily forgotten. But to play something slow to a new audience shows confidence. You lay yourself bare and rather than moving to the music, an audience becomes analytical. And I did, I analysed and found I was hooked.

I'm hoping to see less support slots and more headliners for this band. They've done the right thing and worked the scene, I think they deserve some time at the top where they belong. Check out everything they do, its all good.

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