Monday, 1 August 2016

The Velveteins : Hanging From The Ceiling

'Hanging From The Ceiling' is a great track by The Velveteins who hail from Edmonton, Alberta. It opens up with a really retro Doo-Wop vibe, but you soon feel the side of psychedelia as the guitars tremor and everything starts to feel like space-age optimism. The song builds and the drums and guitar are joined by a chorus of organ, piano and a myriad of effects.

By the end of this track I was looking for the repeat button. Its a sincere track that draws on the past to create but not emulate, adding amazing guitar solos alongside choral vocals. It brings the past to the future and the results are wonderful.

The band have recently finished a tour of North America and the UK ahead of thier debut album, which they hope to have out later this year.

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