Thursday, 11 August 2016

The Parrots : ‘No Me Gustas, Te Quiero’ Video

The post below was my first contribution to SAVAGE THRILLS, an awesome concept magazine based in Australia. I am going to be working with these guys on a regular basis and will share my work on here too. Thanks!

The Parrots are a three piece band from Madrid, who met at university and formed in the city’s hot bed of culture. They recently signed to Heavenly Recordings at SXSW, signing their contract on a pool table in a bar.

Ahead of their much awaited debut album 'Los Ninos Sin Miedo' , translating to 'The Fearless Kids' The Parrots have shared the video for ‘No Me Gustas, Te Quiero’.  It’s a laid back rock and roll shout-a-long. The title translates to ‘I do not like you, I love you’, a half-baked apology with the verses requesting forgiveness for unknown mistakes.

'Los Ninos Sin Miedo' is due for release on August 26th.

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