Friday, 26 August 2016

Honey Spider : Safe Haven (New Band You Need To Hear)

Today I heard Honey Spider for the first time, a new band with one track online. I guess its good for them that 'Safe Haven' is an instant draw. Queued in by drums, the sound is full speed in seconds with the melody full flow. I got a really nice Jimmy Eat World vibe from it, which can only be good.

As yet I can only tell you the band are Andy, John, Matt & Dave, coming from the UK. Emerging with a track on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, a post was uploaded to Facebook with the status 'Hello good people of the Internet, We are fresh meat and here's our first offering. FFO: Citizen, Basement, Title Fight, Turnover, Smashing Pumpkins.' 

If you like the sound these guys make then you can catch them at the following dates and venues; I might pop down the A6 for Preston or Chorley.

Friday 26th August - 12 Bar Cafe, Colne - 10pm
Sunday 28th August - Suff Studio, Colne
Saturday 24th Sept - Brock n Broll Studio, Chorley
Saturday 15th Oct - The Ferret, Preston

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