Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Surf Cassette : Beach Vibes From Milan

This post was originally published for SAVAGE THRILLS, a great Australian site I work with. 

Surf Casette are Milan duo Dario Dell’Aversana & Luca Brunelli. After both being members of the same punk hardcore band which parted ways after a few shows; Dario introduced Luca to indie rock and in 2014, Surf Cassette was formed.

Inspired by the beach and its surrounding culture, a world away from what Luca describes as ‘Foggy Milan’ the duo wrote ‘Summers End’. ‘It’s a world we would like to live in but can’t due to our distance from the sea’. In their rehearsal space they take influence from bands like Harlem, Fidlar, the Burger Records catalogue and 60’s Italian summer songs.

Surf Cassette are currently working on their self-titled EP which should be up on their Soundcloud in about a month. If the imperturbable ‘Summers End’ is anything to go by, this EP will be a five track statement to cement their future success.

The EP will be available to download for free on their soundcloud.

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