Sunday, 8 June 2014

Y.O.U: Volvic EP

Its 10.08 Sunday morning and I have already been awake for 3 hours or so. Couldn't sleep any longer.

Thankfully I spent my morning listening to music; In particular the music of Y.O.U. This is the sound of Manchester based Elliot Williams (Also of Editors). His tracks are amazing, oozing synth and cool from every orifice to fill your ears and mind with 'that feeling' that only a great track can. 

The depth of his music is immense and you can really tell his attention to detail; the little touches, those tiny bleeps far in the background that are each as important as the vocals in the forefront of the track. Speaking of the vocals, they're great, quite remind me of Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip.

Below is his debut EP 'Volvic' which was released May 30th on 'Play It Again Sam'. Personal favourite is 'You Are Everything' , but the rest of the EP is amazing too. Thankfully we share the same city of Manchester so I look forward to catching this guy live in the near future!

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