Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Gerard Way: Action Cat (Debut Solo work)

It feels like a lifetime ago that I first heard My Chemical Romance, yet it is their songs that capture that time and stage of  my youth. The band went on to do some 'different' concept work that most wouldn't have expected, and I like a lot of my generation, lost touch with the band. 

Now, following the demise of My Chemical Romance and after quite probably a much deserved rest from music, Gerard Way is back. This time he has signed to Warner Bros Records as a solo artist and judging by his first release, this could be quite a good move.

The songs is instantly like able with its lo-fi guitars and Way's recognisable vocals. Though it is in keeping with the genres of today, 'Action Cat' holds its own with the teen anthems of the early My Chemical Romance, carrying with it that same impact that makes you want to play it several times over. No doubt this song will be sang along to with the same passion of 'Im not okay' by the Yoof of today.
Great comeback and I look forward to hearing more and updating you with any release details.

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