Tuesday, 8 January 2013

David Bowie: Where Are We Now

On the day of his 66th birthday David Bowie has unveiled his first single in over a decade.
'Where Are We Now' and the album that is set to follow next month, has excited and surprised everyone. Normally comebacks are scrutinised and mocked; but this is David Bowie and his return is being welcomed with both arms, everyone eager for what else he has to offer.
Where Are We Now is a dark track with a very melancholy feel as Bowie sings about 'the walking dead' and 'a man lost in time' but ends on a more uplifting 'As long as there's me, as long as theres you'. Unlike many Bowie tracks, with their hidden meanings and theatric themes, Where Are We Now is elegantly simple and to me is about growing old.
Hopefully with a new album on the way, a new generation will get to see this great musician perform live again.

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