Tuesday, 29 March 2011

White Denim: Mixtape of Influence's

Austin band White Denim, have unleased a mixtape compiling their influences ahead of thier new album 'D' which set for release on the 6th June.

The mixtape is avaliable for download from http://gorillavsbear.net./

The tracklisting for the mixtape is:
Jeff Simmons – ‘Cop Out’
Happy End – ‘Haikara Hakuchi’
Lee Hazlewood – ‘I’ve Got To Be Movin’’
Triangle – ‘Les Contes Du Vieil Homme’ (excerpt)
Head, Hands, and Feet – ‘Safety In Numbers’
Wendy and Bonnie – ‘You Keep Hanging On To My Mind’
George Duke – ‘Searchin’ 4 My Mind’
Crazy Horse – ‘Dirty, Dirty’
Moby Grape – ‘Road To The Sun’ (excerpt)
Patto – ‘See You At The Dance’
Emmylou Harris – ‘Luxury Liner’
Ann Steel and Roberto Cacciapaglia – ‘My Time’
Monique Gaube – ‘Avec Amour’ (√©dit)
Jeff Simmons – ‘Madame Du Barry’
Heads, Hands, and Feet –‘ Let’s Get This Show On The Road’ (excerpt)
Jim Ford – ‘Long Road Ahead’ (excerpt)
Alessandro Alessandroni – ‘Aliante Giallo’
Amon Duul II
Hank Williams Jr – ‘Family Tradition’ (excerpt)
Little Feat – ‘Easy To Slip’
Billy Joe Shaver – ‘Black Rose’
A. More – ‘Judy Get Down’
Triangle – ‘Blow Your Cool’
Ernesto Djedje – ‘Pieli’
Eddie Callahan – ‘Santa Cruz Mountains’
Roberto Cacciapaglia – ‘Sei Note In Logica’ (excerpt)

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