Friday, 7 January 2011

Possibly the best birthday present ever?

On the 17th of December 2010 I turned 21 and before going out with my girlfriend and friends, my parents came around to my apartment with some birthday presents. I opened a large box they presented me with to find a nice bag, my favourite film (to be mentioned in another post), some money for some clothes and then an envelope.

Opening the envelope I found 2 Cd's by (We Are) Performance, along with some band art and badges. Now this was cool enough on its own, especially because they are one of my favourite groups. But when I opened the 1st self titled album, of which only a few thousand copies were made, I saw a hand written message from the band wishing me a happy 21st!

This gift was made even more special the other day as it was placed at number 2 in NME's list of 100 albums you haven't heard of but should have. Not only have I heard it, I can also say I have it signed wishing me a happy birthday.

Carlsberg don't do birthday presents because they cant compete with my Dad.

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