Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Had a browse and came across an awesome musician under the alias of 'Ponchos'.
I cant find out much about the guy, except he lives in Boston.

His music is pure escapism, pulling you into electronic soundscapes beyond imagination. All you have to do its put on you headphones, close your eyes and you're gone. Favourites of mine so far are 'Chatter' and 'The Heart'; both offer something completely different. Chatter feels like its a bonus track from a lost Bloc Party album, perfectly melodic with all the right synth overtones and warmth. The Heart on the other hand is dark. Dissonant strings make way for ghostly vocals and a reverberating piano; its stunning.

I am currently working my way though the rest of his videos as I write this and the strangest thing is some of them have no more than 6 hits!?!

Here are a couple for you to check out. Hope you like them.

Ponchos - Chatter

Ponchos - The Heart

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