Thursday, 21 July 2016

Isolation Party: New band you need to hear

Today I've been listening to Isolation Party, a punk/grunge band who navigate the depths of Lo-Fi with great hooks and distinctive vocals.

The band was originally a solo project for Rob Brake but later expanded to include Josh A. Apart from that I can only tell you they are based in London, Ontario. 

Going through their tracks on Bandcamp you instantly hear they aren't trying to stick to conventional expectations. This is raw and explosive DIY punk.  Of the 4 tracks online my favorite is 'Be Easy'. The infectious melody has had me listening on repeat, entranced by the chord choices and keys that grace the background of the chorus.

I worked these into a playlist with greats like Placebo, Weezer, Reggi and The Full Effect and the Smashing Pumpkins. They fit in perfectly. It's going to be good seeing these guys get more listeners and taking their music on the road, right now it seems like they're just making their first steps so hopefully enough people will feel it and support them.

Their music is available at

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