Tuesday, 19 January 2016

David Bowie
January 8th 1947 - January 10th 2016

It's been over a week now since David Bowie passed away at home in New York, two days after releasing his 25th album. I was raised listening to his music, taught that he was someone to be respected and idolised, just as my parents had grew up listening to his music. 

A true performer, Bowie took artistic inspiration from everywhere he could. In an interview I heard him say it was because when he was growing up in Britain the charts consisted of big hits from around the world, irrespective of genre. He loved folk as equally as rock and roll and saw no reason why these and other genres couldn't blur and be explored in equal measure. 

In his later years of his career his sound altered and became somewhat more introverted as he now drew inspiration from bands who were inspired by himself. Until his last days Bowie explored and enjoyed music in all forms, sought everything it had to offer and everything it was a gateway to.

Like a lot of people, my favourite track is 'Life On Mars?' It is a beautiful piece of music that will no doubt be played long after we are all gone.

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