Saturday, 25 October 2014

Montgomery: Piñata

Below is the video to 'Piñata', the second release from Australian 'Montgomery'. Its a great synth pop track with clear lyrics and a clear message. Too many artists have vague, sometimes mumbled lyrics, but not Montgomery.

I'm your piñata, Crack me open like you always do, Say you're only bringing the best out of me, But you break me, yeah, You break me, yeah

She takes the innocence of a piñata, a child's game where you break the object to take what you want, and applies it to a dysfunctional relationship, weather that be a couple, a friendship or other. I guess it comes down to the listener to choose.

The video to this wonderful single doesn't have a narrative but instead shows a selection of people, offering a brief look and grasping your intrigue to what their story may be.

'Piñata' features on Montgomery's new EP ' New Clear War' which was released yesterday through' I OH YOU'. 

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