Friday, 16 November 2012

Spitting Image: Freelance Whales (Little Daylight Remix)

Today I've had that need to find 'that track'. I don't know what that feeling is; much like an itch where you have to scratch away until it feels good, i can't stop searching the Internet until I find a track that fills 'that gap'.
Today's track is 'Spitting Image' from Freelance Whales, as remixed by Little Daylight.
Drenched in synth it is beautifully electropop, filled with enough melodies and hooks to satisfy even the most addicted synth junkie.
What tops it for me though is the way the vocals have been touched and worked (its always the vocals).
The remix comes from Little Daylight, who as many seem to be doing these days, has kept their identity a mystery to us.

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